As-salam alaykum waramotullahi wabarakatuh

There is no time to be more generous than now. Be generous at heart; do not let stinginess overcome you. Let the verses of Quran and hadith encourage you to spend generously in the way of Allah and keep the goal of attaining the hereafter in your mind. Allah SWT says in the Quran: “And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul— it is those who will be the successful.”

Be generous with your wealth. Our wealth is not really ours. It is a trust from Allah SWT and we must be careful about how we spend it. Be extra-generous in Ramadan and do not withhold from causes that benefit the ummah and humanity generally. Be it feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and helpless or spending for causes that help spread the deen and uphold its values. Spending for the sake of Allah comes with great rewards and promises.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: “Every day, servants (of Allah) get up in the morning and are visited by two angels. One of them says: O Allah! Give more to the one who spends (for the sake of Allah); the other says: O Allah! Bring destruction to the one who withholds.”

The Prophet (s.a.w) also encouraged providing food for the iftar: “Whoever provides the food for a fasting person to break his fast with, then for him is the same reward as his (the fasting person’s), without anything being diminished from the reward of the fasting person.”

Allocate a portion of your money to spend on each day in Ramadan, even if you have little, share it with others who are poor.

Be generous through kindness. In Ramadan, we are prone to irritability, ruining our mood and also that of others. Instead be patient and exercise kindness. Be generous in offering a kind hand to someone, carry someone’s load, help someone by shedding their burden of work and be merciful on those under you. Be generous with smiles and compliments; make someone’s day with a loving remark.

So, think about all the ways you can be generous this Ramadan and let generosity reach its peak!

Culled from Umm Smith on Ramadan.


Ramadan timing today

City        Fajr    Iftar/Maghrib

Abuja     4:49am 6:53pm

Ibadan   5:09am  7:05pm

Ilesha   5:05am    7:08pm

Ilorin      5:02am  7:05pm

Kano      4:38am 6:53pm

Lagos     5:10am 7:04pm

Asaba    5:00am 6:55pm

Zaria      4:42am 6:52pm

Maiduguri 4:20 6:35pm

Jalingo   4:35am 6:38pm

Please, note that at Farj time, sahuur ends and Magrib time, Iftar, begins.


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