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Think like a woman, dress like a mane

By Morenike Taire

When it comes to how to dress for business,  most women either do not have the time, the  patience or the know-how to go about things. Here are WO tips for communicating power in business, while not losing your feminine side.

GET a signature style: Particularly for meetings, get a style for which you will be easily recognizable. The psychology of this is that you are consistent; therefore you are reliable and can be trusted. Learn about the power of colours and how they communicate meanings in your power dress.

Your signature could be sharp, red pencil skirts, which communicates edginess. A lot of politicians wear blue because blue communicates trust.

A strategic use of colour can ensure that you stand out in any crowd. Vibrant colours will give energy to your look.

Keep it simple: Simple, elegant and classy are buzz words that should always guide your power dressing and have you well on your way to becoming the consummate power dresser.

Woman in control

When you dress in sleek dresses and suits, you communicate a woman in control that cannot and should not be messed with, without as much as saying a word.

Avoid flashy designers and keep the shoes frills-free. Avoid flats.
Use solid colours and regular patterns to communicate an ease of movement and confidence.

Wear scarves: Nothing communicates femininity more than a beautiful, soft scarf. Yet image consultants strongly recommend the ubiquitous item of fashion to any lady who wants to master the art of power dressing.

Women in tough fields like Finance might particularly want to soften their look with a different bright scarf every time they make a public appearance as it gives them the look of not being hard-nosed bankers but women in touch with their feminine side.

Evolve: As you climb up whatever ladder you have chosen to climb, let your style evolve to communicate that you are now more relaxed and you are comfortable in what was once upon a time a man’s world.

Don’t be afraid to do casual: just learn to do it in a way that it communicates what you want it to communicate at any point in time- approachability, warmth, intellectualism, conservatism; and most importantly, power.

Hire an image consultant
If you are absolutely clueless or you just absolutely do not have the time to think of what to wear, hire an image consultant that has been tried, tested and manages someone that looks the way you want to begin to look.

In addition, an image consultant will get creative on your account, putting together looks for different occasions that would communicate your different sides as a woman of power.


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