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CAN Elections: How TEKAN/ECWA lost out

By Sam Eyoboka

NATIONAL president of Patriotic Christian Youths of Nigeria, PCYN, Evang. Simon Timothy Nasso of the TEK-AN unit, had blamed the inability of TEKAN/ECWA bloc to present a candidate for the CAN presidential election, on the inordinate ambition of certain individuals within the bloc who would stop at nothing to actualise their dreams.

Nasso also denied reports that the outgoing CAN president, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is behind the inability of the ECWA president, Dr. Jeremiah Gado to contest the election.

In a telephone interview, Evang. Nasso argued that it was absurd to blame Gado’s failure to be nomina-ted from his ECWA unit talk less of the TEKAN/ECWA bloc on the outgoing president who belong to the CPFN/PFN bloc.

Nasso said: “I read that media report with very serious pain in my heart and I wept because many people do not know the implication of throwing insults at leaders for every failure. The outgoing CAN president is from PFN and this is TEKAN/ECWA affair we are talking about here. What is Oritsejafor coming to TEKAN/ECWA bloc to do? What shall he benefit from in-fluencing anybody’s elections into CAN presidency? As CAN president, I am aware that he spent his personal money most of the time. So, what will be his interest after serving two terms during which his church and family were neglected?

“The person peddling these stories could not gain nomination from his own denomination, ECWA, to talk of the entire TEKAN/ECWA bloc. He was supposed to get nomination from his church unit first before coming to seek nomination from TEKAN/ECWA bloc. That is how we used to do it every election year.

“It is done on rotational basis: If ECWA represent the bloc the other unit allows it to complete its tenure before attempting to run for any position. This time around, the current CAN Secretary-General is from ECWA and Dr. Gado, president of ECWA, came up saying he was the only qualified person from the bloc that could contest for the posit-ion of CAN president,” Nasso explained.

Speaking further, the PCYN leader averred that the bloc was satisfied and comfortable with the current CAN General Secretary, Rev. Musa Asake and was not nursing the idea of contesting the CAN presidency, “but he said no. So, we in TEKAN also advanced the argument that we have a candidate and that it was TEKAN’s turn based on the rotation agreement.”

Nasso then wondered why any-body would want to drag Pastor Oritsejafor into the local politics in TEKAN/ECWA bloc when he had enormous issues to deal with in his CPFN/PFN bloc. Describing what happened on March 29 as a mere gimmick to oil the desperation of a man, he argued, “when our TEKAN leaders were still in the hands of kidnappers, our denominational leaders gathered in TEKAN headquarters in Jos to pray and deliberate on how we can secure their release, when the ECWA president stormed the place with his loyalists intimidating everybody, saying ‘tomorrow is the closing date for the submission of nominations; we have to do something’.

“But our leaders told them that our leader had been kidnapped and we are here to discuss a way forward and possible release and you are here talking about nomination. The youths began to intimidate the leaders, locking the doors to prevent them from leaving until they con-duct that primaries.

“And they said TEKAN should bring 12 people and ECWA bring 12 people. The agreed sharing form-ula within the bloc had always been TEKAN 60 and ECWA 40. The 12 people they brought from TEKAN are still unknown to us till today. They nominated an acting chairman and an acting secretary to conduct the said primaries. Can you call that one a representative primaries when the bloc leader was in the hands of abdotors?

“That is why we are telling the whole world that Dr. Gado has taken the CAN election matter to be more than our leader’s life and that is not what should happen in the Church which is supposed to consider the life of any human first before anything.

“The surprising thing to me was that as soon as they communicated a letter to CAN headquarters in Abuja announcing Gado’s nomi-nation, the following day this man was released,” Nasso further exp-lained.


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