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You can be a good mother and still live your dream, Randa , Afro/Arabian beat singer

Although ‘Female Nature’ calls on the women folk naturally when the time comes, it should not be a limit to attainment of ones dream. This is according to Randa Isan, 27, a Nigerian/Eygptian Female Artist and Model who insisted that one can be a celebrity and still have good home with children. Nicknamed Eforan (she says it’s a Yoruba name), the University of Egypt graduate said she started singing house songs and then started liking R and B more before moving to afro beat. In this interview with Funmi Olasupo, Randa talked on her dream to merge Afro beat with Arabian style of music to create a new genre. Excerpts:-

WHY do you want to do afro songs?
It is because  I like Africa most especially Nigeria; and I have this imagination to merge the afro beat with Egyptian style of  music especially the belly dancing. I am setting up myself here, I usually travel a lot so I will be traveling and coming back: Nigeria is my home just as Egypt is my home as well.

Why this genre of music?
Afro beat and R & B, and Afro beat merged with Arabian. It’s a new genre am creating because there is nothing like that yet.

Are you conversant with the Nigerian music industry?
Yes I am

What can you say about the music industry?
Its very danceable and always happy songs than drama. Hardly do I see a dramatic Nigerian song.

How would you compare Nigerian music and Egyptian music
They are two rough countries actually because musicians in Egypt, Lebanon and all around these Arab countries come to Egypt to get famous. Egypt is known with movies.

Music industry in Nigeria is very challenging, how do you intend to surmount challenges?

My style will be different, Arabian/afro beat and I didn’t see anyone doing this here. The competition is so much, everyone is amazing. I listen to Wizkid, Davido, Ice prince, Yemi Alade and they are all amazing and I know I really have to work hard.

At what point did you decide to come to Nigeria?
I met Big Suni (C.E.O Blackwall street Africa) in Egypt and we talked about it. I have friends who are friends with Artists and they all ask me, why don’t you come to Nigeria and do this, so I decided to give it my time, even as I do my modeling along.

What should Nigerians expect from you, tell us about your upcoming album launch?
I am launching a new song called Rola Costa; then an album will follow much later.

Are you doing any song in Yoruba?
Just wait until you hear Rola Costa

What do you think should be your selling point here?
I believe every artist should have his own style and image, flavour, unique voice and am sure am different in any other aspect. Like Tiwa Savage I love her unique voice, Yemi Alade is like the tough girl so everybody has a character and I wouldn’t want to see same character in 3 or 4 artists so I am completely different because I have this voice and It’s going to be different from what you have heard before.

Do you have any role model in the Nigerian music industry?
I like all of them and my favorite female artists are Tiwa Savage, Shayi Shay and Yemi Alade I like their style, they are cool but I would be completely different. I wouldn’t be like this is my role model let me copy her, I won’t copy anyone.

Music is capital intensive here, Are you financially equipped and ready for that?
Yes I am very ready, I have decided to put my time in music and I believe I can do anything if I want to and I put my focus on it. I have this drive.

Female artistes

I noticed that there are only few female artistes in Nigeria and I feel it’s because of the female nature. You have to get married and have children and all of that and the need to focus on kids but even with kids you can still continue. Look at artists in the US like Beyonce for example is successful and still has a kid.

So you don’t want to be married?
I hope to be married and have kids too like having a small Beyonce and small Tupac.

Why are you shifting from modeling to music?
I am not shifting but if you are a singer you can still model. It’s a different skill and I’m focusing more on music now. I am modeling for a product but when you are a singer you can double as a model and on a higher scale.

Do you intend taking the music outside Nigeria?
Yes, Egypt is the centre of middle east just like Nigeria is the centre of Africa so that’s why am merging Arabian and afro beat.

What message do you have for young Nigerian women?
I want women to be tough, independent. It doesn’t mean if you have a baby your life should be jailed, you can’t do your dreams or  someone else will just shift your dreams of being an artist or you can’t be what you want to be. Women should keep strong because in Egypt as well women will just get married and that is the end of their life because they just stop working or focusing on their dreams.


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