By Pamela Echemunor

Red wine is one of the best pre-bedtime drugs one can take. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, red wine contains resveratrol, a compound which has been attributed to being a sleep aid. Here are some reasons you should drink wine before bed.

1. A sip of wine before bed

Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

The alcoholic content in red wine tends to lower the body temperature and according to studies, it also speeds up the release of certain hormones and triggers metabolic changes that help you drift off to sleep.

2. A glass of wine before exercise

Exercise 2

Studies have shown that drinking a glass of red wine before exercise, keeps you refreshed and feeling light. Red winE bolsters the heart and muscle health tremendously, but only before exercise.

3. Do it sparingly

Do it sparingly 4

Consumption of red wine has its perks, but it’s advisable to do it sparingly.
They say too much of everything is bad and this rule applies to everything including wine. So, keep it simple, a glass at dinner and one before bed,

4. Skip the multi-vitamins

Multivitamins 3a

Drinking multivitamins go a long way to boost the body’s metabolism but, drinking red wine does the same thing.
Most people tend to opt for resveratrol supplements, but according to research, swallowing a resveratrol supplement doesn’t seem to offer the same benefits as drinking red wine. So drop the pills and pick up the glass. this will help lengthen your life span by more than a mile.

5. You’re guzzling it to help your skin

Research has shown that red wine contains compounds which aid in protecting the skin from sun damage and it also promotes skin firmness. But remember to always pace yourself.

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