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She’s in love with another man

By Aunty Julie

Aunty Julie,

The lady of my dreams is in love with another man. I don’t know what to do. I really like her and I think she likes me. The problem is that she is dating someone. The bigger problem is that she is dating my friend. I cannot come between them because I’m the one that settles their love issues. What do I do?

Tobi, Akure

Dear Tobi,

As I see it, you have two choices – let the girl know you like her, but lose the friendship with your friend. Or, keep the friendship and go find another girl to focus on. It all depends on how important the friendship is to you.However, you are working on your belief that the girl loves you but the truth is that she may not feel exactly the way you are feeling.

She may be friendly to you because of your friendship with her boyfriend and you should not misconstrue that to mean she feels the same love you feel for her.

So, be careful and take it easy. Don’t spoil your friendship with both of them. Sincerely, you should look for someone else.


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