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Caring for twins

By Anino Aganbi

FOR new parents all over the world, caring for one baby is usually tough while having two babies is virtually overwhelming. Speaking to Woman”s Own, some mothers of twin children share their view on how they have been able to cope raising multiple babies.

ean and Michael Inone
Sean and Michael Inone

Speaking to Mrs. Lamidi, she stated that “Raising twins is not as easy as it is made to look.  The easiest part of raising twin children is at their infant stage after which it becomes difficult handling them. One would discover that the older twins get, the more stressful they are to manage until they get to be of an age where they can be responsible for themselves.

Coming from a family where I had twins as elder siblings, I didn’t know what tough times my mother had managing them until I had mine.
With twin children, you have to put in twice as much effort as would with one child and also have to be more vigilant because you would never guess how much mischief they could get into the instant your back is turned.

Different experience

Mrs. Tsolaye Inone also stated that “Raising twins for me has been a whole different experience from the singletons as my two older son’s are not twins. My initial challenge was   having to do the exact same things twice at all times. It was particularly difficult with their night feeds because in my sleepy state, I got confused about who had been fed and who had not. It has gotten a lot easier now though. While they seem to always be competing for everything, they are less needy emotionally. I guess it’s because they have each other.  Twins are more expensive to raise as all their basic needs are double.

How can you make caring for twins easier?
For most new mothers, building a routine round the clock makes it easier for the mother and the babies. Twins tend to thrive more when they get used to doing certain things at certain times.

This gives the new mother more time to focus on other chores instead of spending the whole day running circles round the twins and before you know what hit you, you find out the day is gone. Asking for help from those around you does not make you a week or lazy mother but instead gives you time to work around the twins.

Running circles

Concentrating on the babies for at least the first three months would leave you less stressed about every other thing but that only works when you have someone around to help out with chores around the house.

Managing with two: When you are still pregnant, you would keep imagining how you would cope with multiple babies, but the moment they arrive, you would find a way that’s convenient for you and the babies.   Twin babies take three times as much time as you would spend with one, so basically you need to give yourself a break and create more time to spend with the babies.

Breastfeeding or Bottlefeeding: It was probably a whole lot easier breastfeeding one baby, but two babies would make most new mothers shudder.

More often than not, you can’t be too sure if the babies are feeding to their satisfaction.  The best bet for most mothers would be to alternate between breast-feeding and bottle-feeding at different meal times.

Working with a routine: Twin Babies tend to be well adjusted when you get them used to regular feed hours, bath time or sleep time as they would demand less attention from their mother and learn to play by themselves. Routines work best when adults stick to them.


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