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With ‘Fifty’ you can laugh — Iretiola Doyle

By Chris Onuoha

HOW do you feel been part of that movie and what makes it a top-notch?I am very proud, I think it is a movie we should all be proud of and it is a top-notch.Everything, all the elements – high production value, fantastic acting, great cinematography, fantastic sound, the story line is simple and plausible, the costumes. Everything in it is just good.


What message does “Fifty” portray?I have no idea but I don’t think the movie fifty is set out to be a moral barometer or a classroom where you come and learn things for life. That‘s not what the movie is all about. I am only saying watch the film and enjoy it.

There are some high comedic moments; you will laugh and enjoy it. It is also up to an individual to discern what he wants out of it than be rather presumptuous.  It is purely subjective; two people will watch it and come out with different messages. But what I hope the most is that you watch the movie, come out of cinema thoroughly satisfied.

Which was your last film before “Fifty”?

”The thorn”.  Done in 2013, two years ago before Fifty.

It seems there is a gap in big screen appearances noticing that you are a face and character to watch?

You must be aware that I work somewhere else. Although, there are two other films in between that have either come out or not. Maybe they did but could not make big impressions. That’s how long it took for a big juicy movie ‘Fifty’ to come my way.

What happened to your programme Oge?
I have to rest Oge because I became too busy, but we are working on bringing it back.


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