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God can still surprise you

By Funmi Komolafe

As the end of the year approaches, there may be a number of  things that we have prayed for but which we are yet to get answers to. Does it mean God has forgotten us?

Definitely not. Does it mean those  prayers will no longer be answered?

With God, all things are possible.

Our confidence is found in Luke 21 vs 23: “ Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away”.

Since we also know that God is not a man that tells lies, we should remain steadfast and keep faith

alive. Keeping faith alive does not mean that one should begin to look like one that is mourning. On the contrary, keeping faith alive should      make one radiate joy.   It should mean that people will see the glory of God in your life.

It also means taking time  to study the word of   God, pray and fast. All of these are not done to impress any human being but to bring you closer to the God of   man with whom nothing is impossible.

Keeping Faith Alive

Keeping faith alive can be demonstrated in several ways.

The first is prayer.   For      whatever we are trusting God for, prayer is crucial. The word of God makes it clear: “   Ask and you shall be given”.

Don’t get tired of praying.      Break your sleep to pray.      Find time to attend important prayer meetings.

You don’t have to get hooked to a particular church.      Once you identify a genuine man of God hosting a programme,  endeavor to attend.

Demonstrate Faith

How do I mean?      A single lady believing God for a husband could  purchase a bridal veil and begin to make prophetic declaration into it.

Take  authority in the word of God according to Genesis 2 verse 18: “ And the Lord God said , ‘It is not good   that   the man ( woman) should be alone;

I will make him an help meet for him.’”  (King James version).

For the couple trusting God for children, they may also buy a few baby things and begin to make prophetic declaration into  them.

This seems too far from reality but I have seen it work for a couple who waited for over 20 years to have children.

The woman travelled abroad on  study leave and, because she was expectant though married for about six   years without a  child, she went to buy a   lot of items for new babies.

(They can  be purchased in Nigeria too). She would wake up anytime after 12 midnight to make  this declaration: “ I am a mother of children. God has said I should be fruitful and multiply.   I will have my own children. These items I have bought , I will not give them to any body.   My own children from my own body will use them.”.

She persisted .   Though  the babies did not come until  about 15 years later, they came all the same.   Not only did God give her a Samuel, he also gave her a set of twins.   Some of those items which she kept on keeping in  good condition have been used by her own children.

Another way of demonstrating faith is by sowing seeds into the children’s department of your church.   Don’t see it as a waste.

Don’t be discouraged by thoughts like, “ I don’t have a baby yet, why should I contribute?. Perish such thoughts  and take positive action. Whoever mocks you will  rejoice with you in Jesus name.

One of the preachers at the Holy Ghost Service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, while preaching said, “ For you to be fruitful, you must be seed full”.

Is your business going down? Are you in a situation where you used to make a lot of money and suddenly everything has gone down?

Don’t give up. Pray and call upon the Lord that maketh rich to have mercy upon you. Pay your tithes and serve the Lord.


Having done all these, we need the favour of God. Why?

It is the favour of God that gives us what we do not deserve. Remember that millions are

praying daily to our Father. Therefore, it is favour of God that singles you out.

Our authority for the Lord’s favour is found in Psalm 102 verse 13: “ Thou shall arise and have mercy upon Zion ( mention your name here) for the  time to favour her, yea the set time is come”.

Repeating this severally could provoke God to  answer speedily. By the grace of God, your prayer will not go into the voice mail. (Apologies to Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye of RCCG).


Let’s lift up our faith with the testimony a pastor of the Redeemed  Christian Church of God gave at the RCCG  Holy Ghost Service.

According to the pastor, he had been married for about nine years without a child. Just before December  2012, doctors told the couple that the wife was not responding to treatment and nothing could happen. His words, “ It was like the world will end but we believed in God”. Now, this is the limitation of medical science but God is UNLIMITED.

He said: “To the amazement of doctors, she got pregnant in January 2012 “.

Another surprise for the couple was that all the tests done in Nigeria  did not show that she was carrying a set of triplets. In the United States where the wife went to put to bed, doctors   said  “children are formed but we are not sure of what we see”.

Again, that is a demonstration that  a miracle is beyond scientific


To shorten this story, the woman, who was said not to be responding to treatment, gave birth to a set of triplets to the glory of God in August 2012.

After delivery, according to the pastor,   his wife developed some complications which doctors could not identify but she kept calling on the God of Adeboye to see her through and let her return to  Nigeria with her children.

Now, this is a clear case of the enemy at work. The same forces that didn’t want her to have children were determined to stop her from nursing her babies but God rose for her.

Suddenly, doctors identified the complication and she had a surgery.   As  narrated by the husband, the doctors said, “if the complication had not been   identified within a week, she would have been unable to carry her babies”.

To the glory of God, the woman, her husband and the triplets returned to Nigeria safe and sound.

Are you saying, “Oh, that is a pastor?” Dismiss that thought.  A  pastor is  a human being like you. They have challenges and have breakthroughs. You too can.

Keep faith alive, take necessary actions and a joyful home is yours in Jesus name.

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