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Diezani’s cancer story

Innovative publisher, Dele Momodu, this week laid to rest controversies surrounding the health of former Nigerian Petroleum minister, Dieziani Allison Madueke, with a narrative of his encounter with her in London. The narrative has gone viral in the Nigerian social media space.

Her firm grip on the President was palpable, he writes. There were reports that Madame Diezani was battling with the much dreaded breast cancer. Not a few said she was merely pretending in order to escape justice.

She had undergone surgery and chemotherapy on several occasions and was being prepared for radiotherapy. Indeed, she had slipped into both natural and induced coma which lasted five days on July 28, as steroids she was receiving had inadvertently raised her sugar level abysmally. Her doctors declared her condition a near-miss. All my sources said it would be unfair and unthinkable for a reporter to invade her privacy in that state.

The Diezani before me was not the ebullient woman I used to see on television and in newspapers. Her head had become a Sahara desert of sorts almost totally bald with a sprinkle of freshly growing hair all grey. She requested to sit on a classroom chair as her back was hurting badly and she could not sit so low. Wow, what a terrible time she must be having, I almost screamed out but cautioned myself. Sitting across from me was a woman who was a shadow of herself, almost like an apparition or ghost.

The status quo remains with regards to public sensitivity. One commentator writes: A real sorry state. But where is the beef (money) or is it insensitive to ask?


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