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A turn around is possible

By Funmi Komolafe

Joy is in the air! I declare in the name of Jesus, your time has come!

Why am I starting on such an optimistic note? Last week, a friend posted the picture of  a woman, who became a mother after 21 years of waiting, to my Facebook page.

Let’s imagine what she would have gone through in those 21 years. Imagine how lonely she would have been at home even when her husband was  there.

In-laws, even her own relations would have written her off.

Her husband must have been advised to go  and marry another wife.

There would have been all  sorts of pressure. Imagine how she would have felt when her colleagues at work held birthday parties for their children.

We can go on with our endless imagination.

The steps we take

In most cases , couples waiting on the Lord for children consult medical practitioners.

After series of medical examination, some are diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, hormonal imbalance, low sperm count , ovarian cyst, etc.

I have seen quite a number of women who had fallopian tube surgeries and still did not have children. Some doctors are bold enough to tell their patients that if conception does not take place after a while, the tubes may be blocked again.

I know a lady who went through some of these including artificial insemination, yet  no baby was born.

In the process of running from one specialist to another, she met a surgeon who simply told her that her womb was too small to carry a baby. She was, therefore, subjected to some kind of surgery.

Then she met another specialist who told her she had no business with the first surgeon because his claims were false.

She became confused.      A specialist discredits a fellow  specialist.

Relations who thought she wasn’t doing anything even introduced her to    herbalists.

She went from one herbalist to another, yet nothing happened.

No baby was born.

This lady then suggested a divorce to      her husband at least to avoid societal pressure, but the man refused.

Her husband told her    it was too late to divorce.

He told her to learn to be patient.

She intensified her prayer and made a decision to      depend on God only.

God is never late

At a point, she went    to the United Kingdom    and her friend warned her that, being close to 40, it was    too late for her to have a baby even through IVF.

Confidently, she told her friend “    God is never late”.

How do we know that God is never late? Pastor Lazarus Mouka, the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen, in a sermon, said, “ God is never late.    He will surely fulfill what He has promised you”.

However, he said, you also have a responsibility. Pastor Mouka said, “If you believe it and confess it,    it    will surely happen”.

The pastor based his sermon on Genesis 21 vs.1 which states, “And the Lord visited Sarah as he had said    and the Lord did unto Sarah as He had spoken”.

He went on: “ God cannot lie.      He cannot change. What He has promised to do, He will do”.

The man of God, however, warned that we should avoid negative confession.

The good news is that    this woman we mentioned earlier, went on to have    children including a set of twins    after 21 years of waiting. The same womb that was said to be too small to carry a baby produced a set of twins.    Isn’t our God awesome?

Don’t give up

What is it that you are trusting God for?    According to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, there are several forms of barreness.

Yours may not be about children. It could be financial barreness, it could be stagnation that has kept    you in one position for years and denied you your dues, it could be poor health, no marriage partner, etc.

Whatever it is, don’t give up.

The woman whose picture was posted  on my Facebook page, last week, and cuddling a baby after 21 years of waiting, must have been over joyed..

Her situation has turned around.

Why children?

Why do we talk about children? Why do couples, especially in this part of the world, struggle to have children ?

Beyond procreating, children, according to Pastor  Adeboye, are “ carriers of blessings”.

In his daily devotional manual, Open Heavens, the RCCG General Overseer gave an insight into the essence of children in our homes.

He wrote: “ Children are carriers of blessings and they can bring an end to an era of sorrow. Wherever they go, they take blessings along with them”.

To buttress his point, he went further; “ For instance , when Isaac was born, the sorrow in the hearts of his parents was terminated.  Also when Samuel was born, the mouths of mockers who made life miserable for his mother were shut”.

Are you being intimidated by mockers? Don’t worry, God will soon shut their mouths.

Pastor  Adeboye, who made reference to Ist Samuel 2: 1-10), emphasized, “ Children can permanently shut  the mouths of mockers!

“Has the absence of  children in your home brought you sorrow? That sorrow shall be taken away this season!.

“Have tongues been mocking you all along? The Lord will shock your mockers and silence them permanently this season”.

I have made reference to Pastor Adeboye’s message not just because one wants to echo him, but he made a prophetic declaration  which anyone in that situation must key into and, as  you pray, you begin to say, ‘as God has said through this man of God, my  sorrow shall turn to joy this season’.

Your responsibility

As men and women of God always advise, you also have a responsibility.

To fully tap into this prophetic declaration, Pastor  Adeboye urged you to first “ give your life to Christ if you have not already done so, and submit yourself to God”.

He also suggested, “ Take time and pleasure in doing the things that make Him happy”.

Thirdly, he said, “ Give him quality praise, thanks and worship always and He will surprise you”.

If you are already taking these steps, intensify them and, when you least expect, God will surprise you.

It is well with you in Jesus name.


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