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Tackling demonic forces

By Funmi Komolafe

Are you still keeping your faith strong?
I begin this column this week with        reference to Pastor E.A. Adeboye’s Open Heavens of    September 8, 2015 titled, “ Demons Hinder Destinies “.

The key point in this, to me,  which we shall elaborate on later in this write up, is the fact that the influence of demonic forces are real, but the good news is that    our God has    unlimited    power to render demonic forces impotent.

Pastor Adeboye wrote: “As    a believer    in Christ, one of the traits that should differentiate    you from an ordinary    fellow    is the ability to cast out demons.”.

He made reference to Mark 16 vs 17.

The man of God added: “ However, if demons      are tormenting    you and you fail    to do something about them, don’t expect God to do anything either”.

Now, this is the key message,    if you fail to do something about them, don’t expect God to do anything either.

How do you tackle demonic forces? 

You will recall      that in    one of the early editions of Joyful Homes, I    stated that    one important way of    noting the influence of demonic forces is    by paying attention to dreams.    The point was made that most of the things that      delay our progress,    in almost every aspect of life, happens in    the spiritual realm.

This is not to say that some    are not physical.

For instance , Pastor Gbenga Oso, General Overseer of the Laughter Foundation Christian Ministry,    cited the case of a    young lady    who, on her wedding day, was embraced by a guest. Immediately, she felt      like a rope had been tied around    her waist.

The consequence was that the lady experienced a long delay in child-bearing.    I’ll return to how she got her break through later.

Having identified an      attack,    the next step is to resolve to get the yoke broken and be    set free.

Pastor Adeboye,      in the passage      earlier quoted, asked: “Are you still    allowing demons    to hinder your destiny? It is time    to confront them today!.”

He    wrote, “    Jesus    wants to    set you free.    You just need to cooperate with him”.

Steps to take- 

How do you cooperate with Jesus ?    Seek the Lord Jesus.

How?    Don’t be tired of praying, worship God , serve him and fulfill your obligations as a believer.

Hold on to the fact that God can fight for you.

Pray until something happens.

Pastor Bamidele Olawale, the leader    of the praying team of RCCG    in a sermon    on the ability of God to fight for us, made reference to Exodus 14 vs 15 and    2    Kings: 4 vs 8-37. He said, “ No matter the storm, always remember there is a next line of action into victory”.

He suggested a prayer point, “ Father , if there is an action to be    taken, please direct me”.

It is also important to focus on the solution and not on the challenge.    Seek information.    Don’t be tired of attending church programmes where issues related to your challenge are being addressed.

Apart from this, put your total trust in the Almighty God with whom nothing is impossible.

Knowledgeable pastors suggest that we should pray and not grumble or complain.

Pray with thanksgiving.    As you pray, let your      mind focus on what the day of    your celebration    will look like.

The yoke can be broken

Let me refer to the story of the lady who was embraced on her wedding day. The challenge of delay in child-bearing took her from one church to another. Finally, she attended a programme at Laughter Foundation and, as told by the pastor, the lady, in one of those services, took holy communion.

How? It was said that    when she took the communion, she felt the    spiritual rope around her waist loosened.

The yoke was broken.      She soon got pregnant and today she has two children.

May I also state that      most of the miracles that lead to breakthrough in child-bearing are not instant miracles.

You may have been praying for some time, yet, physically, you don’t see any result.

The truth is that God is working on your behalf.

Pastor Olawale ‘s prayer point is recommended, “ Father, enough is enough. I am your child, make me fruitful”.

Step of Faith

Besides    praying,    it is important to take a step of faith and, by this, I mean do something unusual.      Give the child you are expecting a name.    Buy baby things in anticipation of the birth of the baby. Remember, the woman with the issue of blood took    an unusual step of faith.    She touched the garment of  Lord Jesus.

May God lead you to the step to be taken.


As usual, I end the column this week with a testimony given at the        monthly Holy Ghost    Service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Mrs. Iyabode said she waited for 15 years to get married but finally got married when she was about 40 years    old.

Taking physical steps, she had operations on ovarian cyst, fibroid which produced no result, but, believing she would be    a mother one day, she bought baby things.

Then God directed her step.      She attended a naming ceremony of a    woman who had also waited    to have children.    The naming, according to her, was held in an RCCG parish which the wife of the General Overseer,    Pastor Mrs. Foluso Adeboye, attended.

She took the photograph she had with Mrs. Folu Adeboye, popularly called Mummy G.O., and began to pray with it .

The point to be noted here is that      she used the new baby who came from a closed womb and the photograph of    Mrs.    Adeboye as points of contact.

Secondly, she said she went ahead to      purchase baby items for a set of twins.

Finally, the yoke was broken.    She had a set of twins: a boy and a girl.

She told the congregation that      the birth of the twins was a fulfillment    of a prophesy of her pastor-husband    who had told her she would have twins.

Please note the attitude of the husband.    He    was positive.    He was hopeful and that should be attitude of    any husband.

Let’s end the column today with a prayer point      from Pastor Adeboye: “Father, send your    fire to    chase out    the presence    and manipulating effect of demons in my life, my family, ministry, etc”.

Whatever is the challenge, remember that God      is able to    make you overcome.

It is well in Jesus name.

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