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‘Nollywood producers compromised quality for quantity’

Abuja – Mr Tony Goodman, a movie producer and director on Wednesday called for quality and quantity control for Nollywood films in order to check quackery in the industry.

He said in Abuja that the rate at which movies were rolled out by producers with little or no consideration for quality and standard was worrisome.

The Nigerian Film Industry popularly known as Nollywood is the second largest film producer in the world, turning out over 40 films per week on the average, according to some industry watchers.

Goodman said that it was time for stakeholders in the sector to set standards for relevant skills, training and experience to qualify for a movie production.

“Anyone who does not meet up with the standards and requirements should not be a producer.

“Film making is professional business, and filmmakers must be grounded in the knowledge and the art of film making.
“If there is control, the quality of our films in terms of content and depth will be enhanced.’’

Goodman said that most Nollywood producers had compromised quality for quantity in their quest for more movies, adding that this had made the Nigerian consumer developed apathy for local movies.

“Every producer wants his film in the market, and this desperation has brought unhealthy competition.
“The movie market is somehow littered with myriads of movies. Movie goers now believe that the content of some Nigeria movies are too shallow and biased.

“Nollywood has come under harsh criticism in terms of production, quality control and professionalism. So, people are now tired of same story pattern,’’ he said.

Goodman therefore called on the Association of Movie Producers, Actors Guild of Nigeria, and other stakeholders in the industry to check this unhealthy trend.

“Let them set a benchmark to control producers’ activities.
“That someone has a camera, knows someone who can write a script is not enough to gather artistes to shoot a film,” he urged.


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