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My husband has never raised his hand against me — Mide Martins

•Says sex is great between them


In 2002, the Yoruba movie industry lost one of it’s most vibrant actresses, Funmi Martins who died of cardiac arrest. Her daughter, Mide stepped into her shoes and has since become one of the most sought after names in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood.

The popular Yoruba movie star, Mide Funmi Martins Abiodun who is married to producer/actor, Afeez Abiodun is our celebrity guest for the weekend.

In this interview, the happily married mum of two beautiful girls, opens up on her marital, sex life, her mother’s death and how it played a great part in her movie career, fashion etc.

Mide Martins
Mide Martins

How do you cope being a wife, mother and career woman?
I don’t know how I manage not to fail in these capacities. However, I try to put God first in all my endeavours. I do my best when I am with my husband and kids. Naturally, women are not supposed to work, so I see any woman working as a man. In fact, she has more responsibilities than a man whose duty is mainly to provide for the family. However, I advice every career woman to set their priorities right and always remember that a woman is meant to support her husband.

Considering you are often on set with your husband, how do you think this has affected the children?
My kids are wonderful. Though very young but understanding, they know the nature of my job. My first child is ten and the other one, seven. I’m yet to trace any negative effect of my career on my kids. On my part, I try to fill the gap my staying outdoor may have on my children. I take them out, create time to talk with them. I relate with them like their elder sister.

Why do you think many celebrity marriages collapse?
I believe such marriages lack trust and understanding. Many men can’t tolerate seeing their wives playing sexual roles. Also, many people believe that we (actors) practice what we act in the films. Another factor responsible for marriage collapse is that many women try to change their husbands after marriage, this brings disarray into the home. Women needs to be more cautious.

Could that be the secret of your successful marriage?
Yes, we trust and understand each other.

Some people wonder why you and your husband have not been cast as spouses in a film ?
That is not true. That means they do not watch some of my films.

Could you mention some of those films?
I can’t remember the names now, but one of such film will hit the market soon with the title Aiye Foreign.

Some say it is because both of you don’t suit each other as spouses on set?
It is not possible for two adults to live under the same roof for over ten years if they are not compatible. I am happily married. He loves me for who I am and I love him too.

Some of your fans are also of the opinion that you don’t go to public places with your husband, how true is this?
This means this group of fans are not watching us closely. We attend some functions together especially when it involves our colleagues. I agree that my husband doesn’t really socialise, he is more of an introvert.

And you seem to be the opposite of that, how do you manage?
(Laughs) I am a woman and needs to be seen. Some frustrated husbands try to hide their wives but my husband is beyond that.

Is it true that you left your matrimonial home sometime ago?
That rumour has been on for two years now and I don’t know what engineered it. Even when people see us together, they still don’t believe we aren’t separated. We went to shoot a movie around Ijebu, Ogun state sometimes ago and immediately some guys sighted us, they started arguing. One was happy seeing us together while others said we were only pretending and were mere colleagues. I don’t know how to convince some people. I am happily married and still lives under the same roof with my husband.

It went viral that your husband batters you regularly, how true is this?
I have been married for 12 years and my husband has never raised his hand against me for any reason. We have differences as couples and I believe that is normal. My husband is a very strong man who is so conscious of himself. What he does most times is to walk out when I get on his nerves.

You also mentioned that you do doggy sex style with your husband, is that his favourite or yours?
(Laughing so hard)Yes, I said we do doggy styles and I don’t think it’s offensive. I won’t disclose whose favourites it is because that is a family issue. At the same time, sex is a normal thing, it is a necessity in marriage. Things have really changed that the missionary sex style has become a thing of the past. Every married woman should learn to follow the new styles. Some married women believe because they are married or have kids it is out of place to do things out of the ordinary to satisfy their husbands in bed but they are very wrong. If we don’t learn to do these things, somebody out there is willing to do more for them.

What would you have been doing if you weren’t acting?
A designer I guess because I love fashion.

What is acting to you?
Acting is a natural gift from God. It is a talent that can’t be forced on anyone or bought by anyone. Acting comes naturally, it is like a spirit that comes on you when you are on set.

How did you come about this perception?
Seeing myself interpreting some characters that don’t depict my personalty gave me the idea.

What’s your view after 13 years of acting?
It has been fun, I love my job. And that has kept me going.

Do you think your late mother would have supported your choice of career and would you have thought of acting?
I would not have thought of acting if my mum didn’t die at that time but she would’ve have supported my choice if she were alive. I could remember that I had featured in one or two films before her demise.

Did you take major roles then?
No, it was just what we call waka pass. Her death made me joined the industry. Her sudden demise came as a shock to everyone. However, I wanted to immortalise her in the minds of her fans and that was why I decided to step into her shoes. And that is the reason I have a long name, Mide Funmi Martins Abiodun.

What’s new in your plate?
My soon to be released film titled “Abike”. It comes in parts with over ninety scenes. The story is about a possessive wife who is ready to fight everybody with her last breath . She went as far as climbing ladders to keep a tab on her man.

Did you take the lead role in the film?
Yes, I took the lead role,Abike. The film was very challenging. I shouted from the first scene to the last scene. In fact, my husband was scared and was even begging me to take a break or visit the hospital.

Why have you not featured in any English movie?
The Igbos have dominated our English movies unless for few Yorubas who have been able to break that jinx. I look forward to such invitations too.


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