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God is beyond science

By Funmi Komolafe

You can never explain God.    When we are talking about God, let’s put science apart”.    With these words of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, during a service of the Redemeed Christian Church of God (RCCG), we begin today’s Joyful Homes.

Many unusual events have been recorded in family life especially as it relates to child bearing.    Experience varies from one person to another but the purpose of Joyful Homes is not also to share experience but also to keep    faith alive.

I share with readers, the testimony of Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Akinode of the RCCG.

Their story was published in RCCG’s Redemption Light.    This story is culled essentially to enable us learn some lessons.

The Akinodes got married    on June 10, 1995.   Like every other couple, they waited to see pregnancy occur but nothing was forthcoming.    As usual with couples,      they went to hospital.

According to them, initially, doctors saw no reason why they      could not make babies,  but    subsequent    tests attributed the delay to hormonal imbalance.

Said Pastor Mrs. Akinode, “ Some tests revealed that I had hormonal imbalance and I was given some drugs.    I discovered that whenever I used the drugs,      the hormone would balance out.    In 2003, I went for a comprehensive medical check-up and it was discovered  that I had fibroids”.

She further told Redemption Light, “ It was really bad      because the scan revealed    that the womb was completely distorted with fibroids and, after so much persuasion, I decided to go for a surgery in 2004. After the fibroid operation, I decided    to try IVF in Nigeria and the United Kingdom but it didn’t work”.

Note that, last week, we gave a few reasons why IVF may not work.    May I state again that for a couple with a spiritual problem, IVF in the best countries will still    fail.    It is    an undisputable fact that medical science has no solution to spiritual challenges.

The key to breakthrough. The Akinodes said they remained steadfast in prayer holding on to the Word of God,      “None shall be barren”.

It must be stated that prayer, while waiting, is not an easy task.    The one waiting must be ready to devote a lot of time to prayer, especially mid night prayer.

We must bear in mind that God Almighty is a “ miracle worker “ and not a magician.

Most of the time that we think    God is not responding to our prayers, He is actually working on    our cases.      No prayer    is in vain.

The Akinodes testified that they attended several programmes including the popular Shilloh Hour of the  RCCG for women trusting God for children.

During one of those programmes, they were asked to form a circle round the altar and ask for whatever      they wanted.    They did.  The husband asked for twins but the wife just wanted the yoke to broken    with a child.

Now, the lesson is simple: Believe God, believe his servant.    A scientist will never understand      how forming a circle round the altar can ever produce children.

If the couple had failed to comply, they probably will still be waiting to have children now.

“Financial Drain”, according to the couple: “ When you are believing God for children, you may have to spend practically everything you have because    you will not even think of      buying anything for yourself.”.

The point that they made is that waiting couples spend a lot of money on steps to take, including medical, which is usually quite expensive.  Please note that it is not sinful to seek medical advice.

Another source of financial drain, indeed a painful one, is that of relations and friends who will pester you, with bills demanding financial assistance.

This is so,    because they have come to the conclusion that since you have no children, you have no responsibility.

Others may even ask you to come and sponsor their children’s education.

Unknown to the waiting couple, over half of the people who seek financial assistance from them are actually    mockers.

While it is good human relations to assist people, waiting couples must be very careful.

Micha 7 vs 6 (the last part) is very clear: “A man’s enemies are the men of his own house”.

However, there is no need to pick quarrel with anyone, especially such relations.    Handle them with wisdom.

Psychological pains-    This is better imagined.    Even as pastors, the Akinodes did not escape it.  He said, as pastors, they prayed for peoples   but in their quiet time,    they asked, “Who do we go to?”. The answer for them was    and still remain God.

All waiting couples must be spiritually alert.      Many of      those who torment them are either relations or friends.

Imagine a woman whose siblings have stopped bearing children in a family gathering.    Not only will she be lonely, her siblings are also likely to act in a way that will remind her of her condition.

Therefore, waiting couples need a lot of patience.    When dealing with God, we need to be patient because He does things at His own time.

Joy at last- For the Akinodes    , the wife conceived in March 2014 and delivered a set of twins    on November 26, 2014.     That was exactly 19 years after they got married.

Again, the lesson here is that they stuck together and, today, they have a joyful home.    The babies were named Iyinoluwa (Praise of God) and Ilerioluwa (Promise of God).

Did I hear you say it is because they are pastors! Not necessarily.

They    resolved to remain together and took all the steps, united in body and soul and, finally, the break-through came.

Waiting couples must    keep faith with God with whom nothing is impossible.

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