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I want to work with my talent, not with my boobs – Peggy Onah

Pretty, sexy and busty Peggy  Onah has come to find her  place in the competitive movie industry by sheer hard work and talent. Unlike most ‘wannabes’ in the industry who would pull off their clothes to flaunt what Mother Nature has endowed them with, at the drop of a hat, Peggy would rather want to keep them on.

Though she’s heavily endowed in the chest region, the Enugu State University graduate of Mass Communications believes her boobs shouldn’t be her calling cards. In this engaging session as our Showtime Celebrity, she talks about her career, love, lust and other things that make her tick.

Peggy Onah
Peggy Onah

Why are you based  in Enugu and not Lagos?
It’s because Enugu is where you have more jobs as an actress. Lagos is the centre of entertainment in Nigeria, but many of the stars you see started from the east.

How has the experience been for you?
It’s been very challenging, because a lot of girls are going into acting. When you think you know how to act, you realise that there are many others that are better than you. When you think you are well endowed physically, you discover that there are also many who are much more endowed than you are and are willing to flaunt it. When you think you have swag, others have it too. That is just one of the challenges- competitions

In the face of all this competition, how have you been able to stay relevant?
When I recently started acting, I went for auditions and that was how I got to meet most of the marketers that now give me jobs. These days, I stay on my own and I get called for jobs. It means that I’m being appreciated.

What was the special thing about you that attracted marketers to you in the first place?
It’s not as if there was any special thing about me. I didn’t get my first job through auditions. One of my friends introduced me to a marketer, who agreed to try me. He gave me five scenes to do and he was impressed. When I go for auditions, I also do my best and I get the jobs. So, it’s not as if there’s a special thing.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been asked to do during auditions?
There was one audition I went for and I was asked to act like a mad woman and I started displaying. People were surprised because I wasn’t even shy and I eventually got the role.

Has any marketer ever demanded sex from you?
I haven’t met any marketer who has asked me for sex. Most times, they see some of the works I’ve done and call me up.

How has the acceptance of your movies been?
It’s been amazing. There was this place I went to and met some people who had watched my movies. They requested that I take pictures with them. It’s been encouraging

What inspired the photo shoot you had some time back?
I just wanted to do something crazy and decided to go for a photo shoot. Bloggers fed on it and I started seeing it on people’s phones, Facebook and other social networking sites.
How did it make you feel when you started getting those responses?
I anticipated the responses, so I didn’t really feel bad. I knew it will get to that. I wanted to do something crazy that was just the motive behind it.

How crazy can you get when you are on set?
I can interpret any character as long as it doesn’t include going nude

Have you ever been paired with
someone you are attracted to?
Jim Iyke used to be my crush until I was paired with him. Then, I realised there isn’t such a big deal about it. The whole thing  went well. It wasn’t as if we messed up. He is  my crush though, I like him.

What do you like about him?
I love the way he acts, the way he talks and the way he dresses.

Why is it that most actresses like to claim that they can’t  date their colleagues?
That is their problem. For me, I don’t think there is anything  wrong in that.

What will you regard as your most challenging  movie role?

Peggy Onah
Peggy Onah

That will be the previous work I did though it’s not yet out. I played the role of a sixteen -year old girl that got pregnant and later was sent out of her father’s house. It was challenging because I had to play the role of a young girl and that of an adult.

What part of your body do you consider the sexiest?
That will be  my boobs. It’s my selling point but it’s not  as if it has made way for me. For the jobs I do, I don’t even expose my boobs. I won’t say it’s my boobs that made way for me in the industry.

What’s so special about your boobs?
It’s my selling point. It’s full, cute and sexy.

Have you gotten a role on account of your sexy boobs?
Not really because of that alone. The job I got, I was supposed to play a bad girl role and I used the opportunity to flaunt it, because I’ve never flaunted it before. I had to flaunt it so that they would see what I have and maybe get similar jobs by so doing.

Was that the only time you got a role where you had to flaunt your boobs?
No. I’ve had some which I refused to do for personal reasons. I want to work with my talent and not with boobs and if I have to flaunt it while I’m working, It will depending on the character I’m playing. It’s not as if I want to be getting jobs with my boobs.

What kind of character do you have special ability to play?
I like playing bad roles so that people will see the other side of me because I look very innocent. Besides, most of the jobs that come my way are good girl roles. Lately though, I’ve been doing some bad girl roles. It’s a good thing for me because people will get to know that I can also play other roles.

Being that you like taking up bad
girl roles, is that to say you have some bad streak in you?
Acting is make-believe. As an actress, one has to be versatile and be able to interpret any role properly. That I like playing the bad girl in movies doesn’t mean I’m bad. It’s just that I’ve been playing good girl roles and I don’t want to be stereotyped. I just want people to see another side of me.

What’s your take on actors dating themselves in Nollywood?
I don’t see anything wrong with that, you can fall in love with your colleague if you guys understand each other as long as it doesn’t affect your job.

Have you ever fallen in love with anyone in the industry?

Why not, there are lots of handsome guys in Nollywood?
Still searching, but I’ve not really seen the one my spirit accepts, though there are lots of nice guys there.

None of them has asked you out?
Some of them have toasted me.

Do you prefer older men to younger guys?
I don’t like my age mates, I prefer older persons because they are more understanding.

How about a man who is old enough to be your dad?
No, I’ve never dated a man who is old enough to be my dad.

Can you marry a civil servant with a low salary?
I can, as long as we are comfortable and he’s able to cater for the family. What matters are my children. I would want my kids to be comfortable.

What if he lives in a one-room apartment?
Of course, we can start somewhere. If he’s hardworking and with my support, we’ll get somewhere.

When do you hope to settle down?
When Mr. Right comes along.

Are you looking for Mr. Right?
It’s not as if I’m looking for Mr. Right, because I’m not really ready at the moment. But I’ll be ready whenever he comes.

What kind of man are you looking for?
A man who is hardworking, God-fearing, understanding and loving.

So you’ve not seen the man yet?
Not yet, but hopefully soon.

What kind of person are you off camera?
I’m just an easy-going person, God-fearing and fun to be with. I let you know when I’m angry or unhappy with you.

You recently wrote on your Blackberry wall that you were getting fat …. (Cuts in)?
I don’t want to get fat. I’ve been slim all my life. I’m not known to be a fat girl, that’s why it’s really bothering me that I’m adding weight. I really have to watch it because of my career.

What are you doing to fight off
the extra weight?
I watch what I eat and when I eat. I’ve also started working out.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

Do you mean a pretty girl like you doesn’t have a guy?
For now, I don’t.

So you were alone this Valentine?
I don’t necessarily have to celebrate Valentine’s day with a guy. I usually celebrate Valentine with motherless babies in the orphanages. Even when I was with my ex-boyfriend, we would go there together.

What was the most romantic Valentine you’ve had?
That was in secondary school, the first time I fell in love.

So what happened between both of you?
It’s been long and I don’t want to go into details.

Did he decide to walk away because you decided to be an actress?
Something like that.

Was he scared that you’ll be snatched from him?
That’s it. I don’t know how most men view acting. It isn’t the way they see it.

So he felt bad when you told him you wanted to be an actress?
Yes, he asked me to quit and I was just beginning to pursue my acting career. I couldn’t quit, besides, if he really loved me, he would have stayed.

Does that mean you can’t sacrifice your career for anyone?
I can sacrifice my career when I’ve gotten what I want to get or where I want to be. Now that I’m still striving to get to a particular level, I can’t sacrifice it.

So no one has walked into your life since he walked out?
I’ve been meeting people but there’s nobody I’m serious with right now.

What will a guy do that will turn you on?
(Laughs) When he kisses me.


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