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How not to fuel your man’s anger!

By Bunmi Sofola

Paul sees hiLoversmself an expert in relationships. He’s tapped into his vast experience to warn prospective girlfriends on topics to stare clear off when you’re with your beau. At nearing 40, he still sees himself God’s gift to women. Here’s some of his tips based on years of experience.

About your ex-boyfriend: harping on about how good your ex was in bed or recollecting his gargantuan manhood is suicide for your current relationship. Also, there’s nothing worse than a partner who keeps slagging off her ex. It shows he’s still thinking about him. My tip is to keep mentions of him to a minimum. He’s history, right?

That our sex life could do with livening up: Sadly, I was once on the receiving end of this remark. My (now ex) girlfriend asked if I was content with our sex life “I’m not say8ing I’m not happy,” she sighed, “but I feel like we’ve got a bit cosy.” Bam! it was the beginning of the end. i got paranoid. The fact is, I like cosy. I was happy. She wasn’t. Seriously, if you’re not fulfilled sexually, find another way to tell him.

You putting yourself down: Here, we are thinking you’re an amazing sex goddess, and you ruin it by acting all kooky and neurotic. I’m not saying you should stride around thinking you’re perfect, but if you spend an entire evening cracking jokes about how fat and useless you are, we might start believing you.



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