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Level of Aqidat Sahihah among Muslims

By Haruna Razaq

The greatest instrument that Muslims could use to solve their varying problems is Aqidat Sahihah. It means creed, doctrine, faith, and all that a person believes for sure and adopts as a religion, whether evil or good, valid or corrupt. While Sahihah means sound or true. Therefore, Aqidat Sahihah refers to the true Aqidah revealed in the Qur’an and illustrated by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

According to Sheikh Ibn Baz, it is the most important thing and the greatest obligation. It is compulsory to hold this Aqidat while performing the religious duties, since several creeds exist in the world and all of which are corrupt except for Aqidat Sahihah devoid of shirk, acts of bid’ah and sins.

In a nutshell, Aqidat Sahihah is the foundation of Islam. It includes, belief and practice of the five pillars of Islam. The two testimonies of singling out Allah with worship and being sincere to Him, and believing that Muhammad is His Messenger (SAW) to the Jinn and mankind, are the origin and basis of religion. Aqidat Sahihah include the believe in pillars of Islam – belief in Allah, His Angels, Scriptures, Messengers, the Last Day, the Divine Decree; good or bad, and everything that Allah and His Messenger said. Aqidat Sahihah also includes other obligations and duties of Muslim such as striving in the cause of Allah, enjoining good, forbidding evil, being dutifulness to parents, maintaining the ties of kinship, observing truthfulness in speech, fulfilling trusts, kindness to all human being and animals among others. It is avoiding all acts and practices that invalidate beliefs such as shirk etc.

This is true Islam and anyone who practices it sincerely will be able to call Allah and He (Allah) will respond immediately. It also affords the Muslims peace in this life and the hereafter.



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