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Chief Margarita Emehor: A symbol of hope

By Florence Amagiya,


Young Rita Emerhor was born on November 24, 1964 into a polygamous family where there were so many children. As a young girl and almost the last child of her parents, the value of hard work, tolerance and integrity was drummed into her by her mother. At a very young age, her mother had taught her and her siblings to respect their father even though he didn’t take care of them.

Although Rita’s mother never had a good marriage because she married a polygamist, yet she remembered her praying daily that her own children should find love and peace in their own marriages that she couldn’t find in her’s. Her father, on the other hand, was never there for them because of his other commitments, but one thing stayed constant while growing up and that is her mother’s teachings on respect for the man of the home.

As it was the custom in the olden days that the mother of the children takes care of her own children. So it was not a surprise that Rita’s mother had to work extra hard to send her and her siblings to school even when it wasn’t easy for her. Demonstrations of love and appreciation were missing in her own father’s house. When she met her husband Rita saw the other side of life. Love was the order of the day between her husband’s father and mother as they had a nuclear family and had a Jehovah Witness upbringing. It was the best she had seen in her young life and she fell for it and emulated it.

It was pure demonstration of love with all the big dreams they both shared which led to marriage after her husband’s graduation. Rita Emerhor started life as a young married woman without any money as her husband, O’tega had just graduated from the University of Nsukka as an Accountant.

Rita picked a job as a teacher. While the children were coming and growing up, they moved into a bare apartment in Ketu, Lagos. As things improved for them, they moved to Palmgrove, also in Lagos. Later, Rita and her family moved to Anthony Village, then to Dolphin Estate on the Island as God’s blessings increased. They finally moved into their Parkview Estate house where they still reside till date.


Through the grace of God in her life and the strong support of her husband, she had single-handedly built Heroes Furniture Limited from the scratch. Today, Heroes Furniture Limited is a very strong furniture company with over a 100 workers. Heroes has its own ultra-modern factory where 5-stars furniture are manufactured for the very rich. Chief Rita Emerhor is also into real estates. She is a director at Lagoons Savings and Loans Company, a mortgage bank. They own Standard Alliance Group. Standard Alliance Group is one of the leading Insurance Companies in Nigeria.


Although Chief Rita has had her own share of sorrows, she still considers herself very blessed. This she has demonstrated in her everyday life by appreciating the goodness of God and by being a blessing to others. According to her, “you are blessed to be a blessing”. Even though she didn’t register any NGO, she is investing in lives on daily basis.

In her opinion, “evangelism isn’t just about preaching the word of God, but allowing God to use you to help someone who is hungry or someone in need, that way the love of God would be spread abroad.” Her scholarship scheme in Evwreni, her home town, has produced exceptional graduates who owe their successes to the platform she provided. Chief Rita is not sidelining those outside her home town or state as she has a Foundation that travels to different state in the Western Region to feed and nurse the hungry and the sick.

Her style

She considers herself a
tom boy and she has not been able to change that nature even though she dresses up once in a while for public sake. According to her, there is more to life than carrying a mirror in your hand bag as a lady. Rita enjoys driving cars. She is a good driver. She enjoys cooking her legendary banga soup and ukodo and pepper soup; it doesn’t give her stress to cook for any guest as she is ever willing to share.


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