October 12, 2014

As a beauty queen, I love fashionable things

As a beauty queen, I love fashionable things


Stephanie Chijioke-Wabara, is a graduate of Business Management, Middlesex University, in the Emirates.This beauty queen, wife,actress and Business woman is a native of Imo state.

feminista-pix1-copyShe has carved a name for her self in the world of making women beautiful.

In this interview, she compares the universities abroad to the one in Nigeria , she talks about marriage and how it ought to be, she talks about her beauty business in Port Harcourt, her acting career and how she has been able to cope with it all.


It has been quite a while since we heard from you, what has been happening with you?

I returned to Nigeria after school and got married. For now, I am minding my home and business so I tend to stay out of the limelight. Outside that, nothing much has really happened.

What type of Business do you run and who are your target audience?

I have a beauty business, i have a beauty home in Port Harcourt,Rivers State where I sell different accessories like shoes, bags, weave-on, and I do that in Port Harcourt. I sell to a lot of people. Most of my clients are outside Port Harcourt. They go through my pictures which I place online. What ever products they are interested in; they call for it, place their orders and make their payments. I have other clients within Port Harcourt too.

How has your clientele been like and would you say doing business in Nigeria has been worth it, knowing you were outside the country at some point?

My clientele has been very good. Doing business in Nigeria has been worth it. A lot of people knew me from when i was schooling,so they still patronise me. My returning back to Nigeria made it very easy for me. I wasn’t coming into the business newly since I was already at it.

You studied abroad, what was it like as compared to our way of education here in Nigeria?

Studying abroad was kind of difficult; it is not like in Nigeria where people get away with a lot. You have to read extensively to meet up. It is not like where you just pass to get to the next level and at the end you cannot defend what you went to study in school. Although it is difficult to study abroad, it has its benefits.

What is your advice to people who want to further their education, would you advice them to study abroad?

If they have the funds, yes, it is better if they study abroad but in the absence of that, they can do it in Nigeria. It all depends on what you have in mind and how much you have to do it. Studying abroad is quite expensive.

What edge does one who studied abroad have compared to a person that schooled in Nigeria?

If you study abroad, when looking for a job outside Nigeria, you have more opportunities than somebody who studied here. It also depends on the organization too. In that regards, you have more job opportunities open to you than when you obtain your degree in Nigeria.

How has it been like being married?

I have been married since last year, so far so good, my husband is my best friend. Despite being a married couple, we are friends too. For young single ladies out there, you have to be prepared. People would say that marriage is for matured minds. So they should know that marriage is not the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They are moving to another level of life. At that stage, you need to see yourself as a wife and behave like one and not as a girlfriend. There are things you don’t see in your usual courtship that you see in marriage.

As a wife and a young woman, how do you cope with your business and other things you do, has it paid off?

My husband is a very understanding person; he goes to work in the morning and comes back in the evening. What I do is, I work around that time and make sure I am back home on time before he comes back. During weekends, I try to stay at home so we would have that time to ourselves. Yes it has paid off. We have been living well all this while.

Why did you go into the business of beautifying people?

As a beauty freak,I love fashionable things. I love beautiful things, the hair, make up, all the works and seeing people look good. Sometimes people see me and say, your hair is fine, where did you buy it from. So I tell them I sell these things.

Where do we see you in five years time?

By then I should be on screen and my business ought to have expanded beyond what it is right now.

What do you think on most couples getting married and putting a hold to having children until later?

It depends on individuals. I would rather have my children immediately and look up to something else with time.