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September 12, 2014

Thelma O’khaz declares! I have no apologies being a light-skinned lady

Thelma O’khaz declares!  I have no apologies being  a light-skinned lady


Nollywood actress-turned-singer, Thelma O’Khaz who was once accused of bleaching her skin has again refuted the allegation, saying she has no apology whatsoever for being a light-skinned lady.

thelmaIn an online chat with HVP, Thelma said, “I never bleached my skin and ever won’t. Am a light-skinned person and I’m happy the way I am. I have no apologies for the way I look and will continue to enjoy my skin.”

Sometimes ago, Thelma was in the news for the wrong reason after her supposedly ‘before and after’ picture hit the internet, which was in sharp contrast to her dazzling colour.

Her critics,however, lambasted her for that act, as many thought she may have used a bleaching cream to change her colour from chocolate to ‘white’.

But speaking on the matter, the actress explained that the picture in question was taken with a lot of light, adding “because the film producer insisted he wanted it lighter than I look.

So, that was why I took the picture and gave him a copy. And if am asked to take another one in pink, blue or whatever colour, I will definitely do it again as my job is very important to me.”

Also, asked if she would subscribe to operating a joint account with her partner, Thelma frowned at the poser. “I can’t have a joint account because people change.

You may have a joint account for a purpose and then your partner will later have a different opinion about the whole idea then change and remove d money without telling u. This may cause a problem. Joint account brings in a lot of conflict and that’s why I can’t do it,”she replied.