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What would you do if you catch your fiance cheating the night before your wedding?

Nancy had known Donald since she was little. They’ve been dating for five years and six months ago he proposed. Donald showered her with lots of love. They commenced wedding preparations in earnest. Nancy couldn’t wait to get married to Donald, the man of her dreams. At last, the wedding day arrived, they were to be married at 12.00 noon, while the reception was to hold later in the evening.

At 6.00a.m that morning, Nancy nipped to Donald’s house to pick up something she forgot at his place and to see him, before going to prepare. When she got there, she met him asleep in bed with a woman in his arms. Nancy simply shattered. She started screaming and woke them up.

The lady who was butt naked quickly picked her clothes and slipped out of the room. Nancy kept screaming hard, while Donald held her in his arms, saying he’s sorry, he got drunk. If you were in Nancy’s shoes what would you do?

Anything can happen!

I can’t really say. I know most grooms cheat a night before their wedding, but for me to catch him redhanded?


Ha! I don’t know what will happen and I don’t pray it happens to me. I don’t want to say I’ll cancel the wedding or continue with it. But you never can tell, anything can happen. Why should I even catch him?

Is catching him based on a friend giving me the gist or God showing me what kind of man he is. All these and more will determine my reaction.

I’ll forgive him, but I’ll never forget — Anita Joseph,  ActressAnita-Joseph11

The guy has no respect, I swear. Anyways, I will forgive him and go on with the wedding. But I will never forget, the memory will linger on.

I will be very heartbroken, but I won’t call off the wedding. They still cheat after wedding, it’s in their nature. We have just very few men that are faithful.

I’ll cancel the wedding — Kristama, music artiste

If she was caught redhanded in the act, then there is nothing much to do. It means it’s been going on since we started dating/courting.

If she couldn’t drop it before our wedding night, that means it was meant to be revealed and she’s bound to continue with it even when we’re married. Therefore, the wedding will not hold.

I’ll quickly call my parents and hers to inform them about the mess. I’ll also tell my close friends why the marriage will not hold. After that, I’ll switch off my phones, take a break, go somewhere new, do something new.

A lot of things would be going through my head at that time, so I need some new distractions. I won’t get intimate with women at that point. After cooling off for a while, my phones will come on again.

However, I must be sure of what I saw, so I don’t act too fast or make a wrong move. Confronting her will be my last option at that point, though maybe, later we could talk about it. I believe every disappointment creates a platform for better blessings.

I’ll go on with the wedding, but…— Grace Johnson, Actress

There’s absolutely  nothing I can do, because men are bound to cheat. Cheating is in their nature. Before I accepted to marry him, I knew marriage is for better for worse. It’s not a bed of roses.

It’s quite unfortunate that it happened a day before my wedding. It’s shameful to mention to my friends and family. So, I’ll continue with the wedding, then we’ll talk about his mess later. But, it’s going to be hard for me to trust him. Kristama

I’ll move on — Ezinne, Actress

I don’t know what I would do. It depends. I may leave him or go on with the wedding, but I will be very angry. But first of all, I think I’ll just hold off the wedding and move on.


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