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In the de-worming of Edo State APC (2)

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By Josef Omorotiomwan
Saint Thomas: Occupy till I come.

Decampees: OK Boss but you must continue to do all the collateral damage from within so that the party shall be totally decapitated by the time you leave.

BASED on this covenant, Saint Thomas is carrying on like a big bull in a China Shop. He is working to specification. He has just installed a partially moribund state executive for the party through his diabolical impositions and interference.

By far the most celebrated decampees are the four legislators. Their calculations make sound economic sense. These are people who will expire with their tenures. Truly, how many of them stand any chance of winning nomination to re-contest any position? The answer is zero point naught (0.0). In a situation of that nature, why don’t they grab the purchase price and vamoose from the APC?

Any investment on these decampees is like time spent in sleeping with a barren woman. They have no added value and there is the growing disenchantment among the original PDP members that these interlopers are coming to push them out of their houses and take over the masters’ bedrooms. They will soon explode!

Imagine 100,000 people in one room! There is a lot of rabble-rousing in Edo South. We shall soon see how the decamping merchants expose themselves with their cheap lies. We are made to understand that the decamping enterprise has suddenly become highly capital-intensive. Chief Solomon Edebiri is perhaps right that the population that followed him at defection was 100,000.

Chief must have been very active in the “Rent-a-crowd” market. We hear that the going rate per day is N1000. By simple mathematics, Chief must have invested N100 million on his “followers” on the decamping day.

Yet, it sounds absolutely ludicrous that as a gubernatorial candidate in the immediate past election, Chief scored less than 3,000 votes statewide. And he has forgotten that he has never really been in the APC train and not even a single vote from his “millions” of supporters has ever entered into the ACN/APC victories. Where then is the support and how does his empty exit from the APC affect the fortunes of the party?

So quickly, he is stepping down the political transformer. We hear he has littered the entire PDP Secretariat with his posters. He wants to go to the Senate, even where those ebullient PDP politicians have their eyes on the same position. He must be another “mune mune joker”. One of them was caught thinking aloud the other day when he said that this man should go and seek relevance at the ward level. Certainly, Isi-South PDP does not forbid having a good publicity secretary in the ward executive.

Enter Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, et al: We have waited in vain for this Man of God to say he has been severally misrepresented by those who say he is a founding member of the APC in its original form. The claim would be as unpastoral as it is fraudulent. Pastor was the Secretary to Edo State Government under Governor Lucky Igbinedion. Clearly, he could not have been the Secretary of a PDP administration and at the same time a member of an opposition party in the same State.

As a matter of fact, Ize-Iyamu was a ranking member of the group that dubbed our party at the time, AC, “An AC without compressor”. As the “AC without compressor” became attractive, he and his co-travellers jumped into the band-wagon, after May 29, 2007, apparently with the sole aim of becoming the Edo State Governor after Adams Oshiomhole. He came with this mindset.

As soon as signs began to emerge that the gubernatorial ambition was not immediately attainable, they must collapse the party and return to base. That’s what is now playing out.

It is instructive that all along, many of the Pastor’s converts did not genuinely depart from the PDP. In the main, they were political jobbers who feigned one annoyance or another immediately before every election, for which they were settled on both sides, after which they still voted PDP, only to pretend to return to the party after the election.

In essence, their pretentious departure from the APC has removed nothing from APC, and has also added nothing to the PDP. After all, that’s where they have always been!

What goes around comes around. We have always believed in the aphorism that failing to plan is planning to fail. As usual, the game has started in earnest. The APC is busy planning how to better the lot of Edo people and how to organise purposeful and issue-driven campaigns for the forth-coming elections; while the PDP is busy celebrating empty defections. They will suddenly wake up and want to win the elections, oblivious of the fact that the electorate in this part of the world is highly enlightened. They are no longer excited at the prospect of APC members who are replicating their defections with the busy-body state leadership of the PDP following the decampees to perform the same pseudo-rituals at the ward, local government and state levels, as if they are different defections.

Mr. Dan Orbih is boring the people stiff with his new job. Some of the defectors are no longer worth their purchase price. In a short spell, they have moved round all the political formations and for some, this is about their fourth movement in and out of the PDP. Their memories fail them. They are returning to the PDP with the same oft-abused reason for which they left in the first place – “lack of internal democracy”.

For all we know, by the time a man makes himself a purchasable commodity, he becomes an article of trade, like salt and pepper. If the market price falls, he falls along; and when the stock market fails, he fails along. He then becomes repugnant to genuine people. That is the fate of professional decampees. Edolites are too serious-minded to be moved by their antics!


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