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Between information, privacy and judgment against Google

By Prince Osuagwu
It is often said that where one person’s right stops is where another person’s begins. This truth rings true in the digital world more than anywhere else. If an app is legally created to distribute music for free, how do you protect the talent’s copyright? How do you confirm information already dancing around the internet when you do not have direct access to sources? And if you’re simply a search engine like Google, what right do you have to ignore links to information on the web?

These issues have become paramount as top EU court has ruled that Google must amend some search results at the request of ordinary people in a test of the so-called “right to be forgotten”.

The European Union Court of Justice said links to “irrelevant” and outdated data should be erased on request.

The case was brought by a Spanish man who complained that an auction notice of his repossessed home on Google’s search results infringed his privacy. Backers of the “right to be forgotten” are celebrating this ruling. EU Commissioner Viviane Reding told international media that it is “a clear victory for the protection of personal data of Europeans”. But the judgment could have huge consequences for anyone who publishes material online about individuals, and they will urgently be asking their lawyers exactly what it means.

Can anyone who does not like an old story about them simply demand that it is wiped away? It would seem so – the ruling says the rights of the individual are paramount when it comes to their control over their personal data, although there is a public interest defence when it comes to people in public life.
Google, having won at earlier stages of this legal battle, is both surprised and furious at this outcome.

Google said the ruling was “disappointing”. As it does not control data, it only offers links to information freely available on the internet.

It has previously said forcing it to remove data amounts to censorship.

The EU Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, welcomed the court’s decision in a post on Facebook, saying it was a “clear victory for the protection of personal data of Europeans”.

“The ruling confirms the need to bring today’s data protection rules from the “digital stone age” into today’s modern computing world.”

On one hand, this could mean that individuals, who have had their privacy infringed upon, can finally find a way to get it back. On the other hand, what happens when Google is asked to pull down videos of the Chibok Girls, My Oga at the Top, or There is God ooo? Then, what happens to our right to information in this information driven world?


I-deals for your new iPhone

Everyone knows that getting an iPhone should cost a small fortune. After all, even the elders say that any soup that comes out well had a lot of money spent on it. But with recent developments in Lagos, getting an iPhone has become a stress-free affair.

iStore, an Apple Authorised Reseller based in Ikeja Mall, has launched iDeals, the first official finance deal for iPhone, which gives customers the option to finance their iPhone purchase over 12 months. iDeals makes owning an iPhone more affordable than ever before by providing a cost effective solution of interest free monthly instalments, starting at just 9500 Naira a month.

The iDeals announcement follows the recent news on the 2nd of May that iPhone was launched officially for the first time in Nigeria through Apple Authorised Resellers. iStore is the first Apple Authorised Reseller to sell iPhone and to offer iDeals. “We are thrilled to launch iDeals and offer a finance option for iPhone and give Nigerians the opportunity to purchase at an affordable monthly rate. iDeals is genuinely interest free – if you divide the cash price of iPhone by 12, this is the monthly payment you will make, there is no additional interest,” says Rutger-Jan van Spaandonk, iStore Director.

iDeals is available for both iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s through a StanbicIBTC salary account starts at just 9500 Naira per month for the iPhone 5C 16GB model, 11 300 Naira per month for the iPhone 5s 16GB model, 13 000 Naira per month for the iPhone 5s 32GB model and 14 800 Naira per month for the iPhone 5s 64 GB model. Additionally, those iStore customers that would prefer to do a straight cash purchase, will have the option of cash pricing as well. Customers can apply for iDeals* at iStore, any StanbicIBTC branch nationwide or online at Once the application form has been submitted, processed and approved, customers will be contacted to collect their iPhone.

Furthermore, when purchasing an iPhone from iStore, customers can rest assured that they are buying from an Apple Authorised Reseller that is officially approved by Apple to sell iPhone and therefore offers local warranty support and services. The warranty on iPhone is valid for a year and if any repair issues** arise during the warranty term, customers can claim for free warranty support. This is the first time, iPhone customers will have the convenience of local warranty in Nigeria from a partner approved by Apple. Customers who either purchase from unauthorised resellers or who travel frequently and buy product outside of Nigeria, should consider the benefit of purchasing iPhone from iStore and having the advantage of local warranty support.


 New Dell series blend comfort and power

In its new laptop series, Dell is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to give customers a perfect blend of power and comfort. Dell’s new Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 5000 Series laptops and its Inspiron 14 and 15 3000 Series laptops, just in time for the Back-to-School season, are aimed at helping people achieve their best through every phase of their lives.

Powerful Intel 4th Generation processors, massive hard drives, and responsive 10-finger touch displays up to Full HD resolution are some of the options designed to meet the needs of consumers’ diverse lifestyles. New features that make life easier include 20GB of Dropbox cloud storage for sharing, saving and collaborating, and facial recognition software to make using password-enabled web sites safer. All of these products seamlessly fit into your life on your terms.

“Students and parents alike want technology that helps them to be successful in their personal and educational pursuits,” said Ray Wah, vice president, Dell Consumer PC Group. “Our new Inspiron laptops are a smart investment for families, providing the latest technology for productivity and entertainment in thin, space-saving designs.”


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