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Al-Hujaaj tours three holy mosques

The foremost hajj and Umurah services company in Nigeria, Al-Hujaaj International has taken another giant step in travels and tours industry.

The company recently embarked on a tour to three holy mosques in the world – Masjid Haram in Makkah, Masjid Nabawiy in Madinah and Masjid Qudus in Jerusalem.

The holy prophet said in his famous hadith, that “No one should travel for the purpose of visiting (any mosque) except the three mosques.

The basic wisdom underlying the command and guidance of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) is that other than the three Holy Mosques, there is no other place, or masjid, or shrines, or tombs, or graves, etc., the visiting of which has any merit or special rewards from Allah Subhanah!

The first pligim that visited these holy mosques performed it in Rabiul-awwal while another performed in Rajab, from 30th of april to May 9.

According to one of the visitors, the places visited in Mekkah, Madinah and other normal umra rites. They later proceed to Isreal to visit the Mosque in Jerusalem as well as the point of ascension of Prophet Muhammad and descension during which he got the commandment of five daily prayers.

The Imam of the mosque, Sheik Al-Imam Abbas prayed for Alhaji Abdul-Jeleel Animasaun, Dr , Lanre Bidmus of Department of Islamic & Arabic Religious Knowledge, University of Ilorin who led the delegation and other members of the delegation.

For any intending visitor, other places of important note are where the Prophet (s.a.w) leads all the Prophets in Salat; Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon); where Jesus spoke in the cradle as well as place of birth of his mother, Mariam. Other places include Mount Nebo, where Prophet Musa (a.s) broke the slate of testament in angry with his people, who chose to worship calf in his absence; the wall of Jericho, wailing wall tomb of Prophet Shuaib among other places.


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