‘OH my God!! How could people be so wicked? This is in a world where people profess to know God. Imagine what would have been happening if there was no God at all. At least the fear of God is restraining some people,” sighed Ebuka in the Apapa-bound commuter bus as the Nyanya, Abuja bombing photos were displayed by newspaper vendors.

“Government and the security agencies should wake up to their responsibilities. The bomb used in that blast is no toy; it’s not something that was manufactured at the backyard by these evil-minded people. It must have been a heavy duty bomb for it to have created such crater at the scene. I am sure it was imported into the country through our borders. There should be tighter security at our ports and borders,” said Mabel.

Weeping for this country
“Na today?” sneered Obi. “If you see what goes on at the ports and border posts, you will weep for this country. Some of these things come in containers and they easily go into town without being inspected by the guys whose job it is to do so before releasing them.”

“Then such people should be sanctioned. For God’s sake, if you take bribe and refuse to do your job, you should be kicked out. We must return sanity to this nation. Enough is enough! Soon, they will start bringing in chemical weapons,” said Ebuka, really angry.

“Easy my brother. It is not as simple as that,” counselled Obi. “It goes beyond that. Some shipment will come in and before you know it, calls are coming in from left, right and centre; from the ogas, telling the subordinate in charge to release the cargo without delay because the consignment belongs to one state government or the

other, especially in the North. So the subordinate has no option than to obey the order from above. It’s that bad and if the subordinate suspects something and wants to do a proper job, he may lose his job as well as his life. It’s that bad. So it is a complicated issue. ”

“So what you are insinuating is that some of those in the corridors of power know what is going on?” asked Ebuka.
“Absolutely!” replied Obi.

“Honestly, they will never go unpunished. No way! There is no peace for the wicked. Just imagine all the tears, death, pains and blood they have caused. For how long shall we continue like this? What has the poor tea seller, petty trader or civil servant looking for their daily bread done to deserve this?” asked Mabel rhetorically.
“These are no doubt, the last days the Bible talked about,” said Ebuka. “The devil is on rampage. A friend told

me how she is finding it almost impossible now to get sponsorship to international conferences because she is not homosexual. Can you imagine that? Homosexuals are preferred now. An American football player got shout-outs from the White House for declaring that he is gay. ‘You’re an inspiration to all of us. We couldn’t be prouder of your courage both on and off the field,’ tweeted Michel Obama and the Vice-President followed

with: “…Your courage is an inspiration to all of us.’ Now tell me, how many times have these people given shout-outs to hundreds of ordinary Americans out there doing extraordinary things to improve the lives of others? How will his being gay improve lives? That’s to tell you the kind of world we are living in; so my advice is for everyone to get real close to God, get to know Him one-on-one before it’s too late.”


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