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A tale of two sets of prostitutes in Abuja

By Dele Sobowale

“The law,  in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread. Anatole France, 1844-1924. (VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS  p 120).

The authorities of  the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, ably led by the Honourable Minister, have been working very hard to rid the nation’s capital of undesirable elements. Ever since that great friend of poor people, Malam El-Rufia, formerly of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, became Minister, they have been demolishing homes and shops, as well as the dwellings of poor people, which they call shanties – as if any really destitute person can afford palatial mansions. Malam El-Rufai is now a leading member of the All Progressive Alliance, APC, the opposition party – some of whose governors have also been demolishing buildings like the demon.

But, the current Minister had raised the matter of cleaning the nation’s capital to a new level. He had targeted two sets of poor people who must go – beggars and prostitutes. Incidentally, the FCT Minister, unlike Governor Fashola of Lagos, actually took out advertisements in various media to announce his intention to deny fellow Nigerians of the freedom of movement. And, so far, several thousand people had lost their means of livelihood and the roofs over their heads as a result. Surprisingly, not a word had been heard from all those hypocrites denouncing the displacement of less than a hundred destitute people from Lagos.

However, the people, declared persona non grata in Abuja, which interest me, are prostitutes.  According to the FCT Minister, the only prostitutes deserving of being shown the city gates are the night and street walkers, in short, the poor girls and women who must sell parts of their bodies in order to keep the rest together and, perhaps, help kids and parents to stay alive for another day. Invariably, they receive pittance for the humiliation of bedding people they would not ordinarily want to be caught with in the same graveyard if not for fate which had dealt them a wicked hand.

But, there is another group of prostitutes – rich, powerful, well-connected, friends of the Minister and the President. They either live in or are frequent visitors to Abuja. They are called POLITICIANS. To these prostitutes, the gates of Abuja will always be open; they will visit the Minister in the office and at home. The President will even invite them to Aso Rock; GEJ will take pictures with them as he did in Imo State.
However from close observations of girls and women of easy virtue, I can state, without fear of contradiction, that they are more honest, more faithful to their benefactors and more human than the political prostitutes. Area boys inform me that if you treat a prostitute well, she will never betray you. But, it matters not how well you treat most politicians they will eventually repay you with ingratitude. One example will prove the point. There was probably no more generous a politician than MKO Abiola. We were all witnesses to what happened to him. Yet, these are the people the Minister and the President want in Abuja.

Any wonder why the nation is going to hell? With leaders worse than prostitutes, how can we create a nation with the ethical standards required for greatness?

What goes round comes round, as Mr Sanusi Lamido’s current saga with the Federal govt reveals. While I pity him, his travails are self-inflicted coupled with God’s judgment over innocent souls he wrongly trampled upon without any human compassion, disregard for the rule of law and principle of fair hearing in his handling of his so-called “Bank reforms”. Even when a Federal High Court ruled that the former CBN Czar had no absolute power in the removal of Afribank’s Directors SLS and his lawyer cohorts went on appeal and had since then stalled the hearing of the appeal….


Bros you see how the whole Sanusi imbroglio is panning out? Has he not been disgraced now? A man who has power to hire and fire can also suspend staff. That is the law and there nothing Sanusi can do about that but to enrich our SANs. Oseme, Benin.


I’ve ordered dt half of my stock be put on sale this morning. My untrained eyes’ve also seen revelations dt agree with your conclusions. Foreign investors picking race now d cbn wahala hs taken it to high heavens… Dr Ayo Ojo.

P.S. Dear Dr Ojo, this is not going near heaven. More like hell for shareholders. Dele.

0805-747-2552 Pls confirm postn of our banks as of today bcos I was a victim in 1997. I blif in u. Pls reply. God bless u ORE.

P.S. Recommendations about specific banks cannot be made on the pages on our paper  in order not to cause a stampede. Privately? Perhaps. But, at least two are hanging on the ropes again. Dele.

0805-590-4314 …You didn’t put the facts of contradictory claims of missing funds. First, it was 49b; later it was 10b and just recent, he said 20b. what kind of governor is this?

P.S. A Nigerian governor!!! But, you read a preview last week. Read more today or request for the entire lot on CBN ECONOMIC CZARISM AND CONSEQUENCES. My Fellow Countrymen were warned in 2011 about this danger. As usual, I was ignored until now – after the damage had been done.


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