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Are we running out of Allah’s blessings?

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Haroon Balogun

Bismillahi Rahamani Raheem..The sky is cloudy, misery is casting its shadows around us as the genocide continues unabated. Injustice flourishes on the land; poverty, hunger and unemployment exacerbated by unprecedented corruption filled the land.


Yet ostentatious lifestyles and oppression become the character of those who are supposed to take us out of the shackles of self-inflicted poverty and want.

They grandstand and tell us stories. The ever irrepressible Nigerians who have never asked for too much are being killed. Children, youths women and innocent people are victims of the brutality of the insurgents and other forms of insecurity everyday.

Life has become so cheap so much that it doesnt bother even an elementary pupil when he watches or listens to the whooping number of deaths everyday in the media.

For average Nigerians, amenities like electricity, water and good roads are a self-sought phenomena if life must continue. In the corridors of power, public institutions, the immediate environment, vain desires have replaced reason; wrong attitude has replaced decorum;  hypocrisy has replaced devotion  and injustice has replaced justice in all aspects of our lives.

The blessings of God are all around us but yet seem too far.  Good deeds are in short supply and life has become corrupted because of the wickedness of the leaders. Where did we go wrong? What did we do to deserve this? Where are we heading? And what can we do to prevent this free fall calamities?

For those of us who are Muslims, we seem to have put the Qur’an and hadiths on the backburner. We seem to have been carried away by the rumble and noise of the wicked. In fact some so-called Muslims are accomplicies in the evils that are pervading the land merely because they only bears the name but without divine identity of submission to the will of Al-Mighty.

The Quran and hadiths have been left to rest in their shelves but not in their hearts.   When the Glorious Quran, and the Sunnah are abandoned, because it is thought that they are insufficient, and when human opinions, analogy, discretion override the word of God, people’s natures are corrupted, their hearts become dark, their understandings become confused, and their minds become distorted.

What we all need to do even as the National dialogue goes on is absolute repentance.  Repentance is still available even for the wickedas offered by ever forgiving Allah.  The Quran says: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Q39: 53.

The doors of forgiveness are always open, but what is more, Allah is actually happy when one of His slaves repents but the sinner must desert from his sin, feel remorse for having perpetrated it, and then make a firm resolve never to return to it.

Ibn Mas’ud narrated that the Prophet said:

“Indeed, Allah is more happy with the repentance of His slave than a man who stops in a barren, desolate land; with him he has his riding animal. He then goes to sleep. When he wakes up, [he realizes that] his mount is gone. He searches for it until he is on the verge of dying. He then says, ‘I will return to the place wherein I lost it, and I will die there.’ He went to that place, and he was then overcome by sleep.

When he woke up, his mount was [standing] right beside his head: on it was his food, his drink, his provisions, and the things he needed. Allah is more happy with the repentance of his believing slave than the aforementioned man when he finds his mount and his provisions.” (Bukhari: 6308; Muslim: 2744)

A man who killed 99: There was a man who had killed 99 people, he then asked to be guided to the most prolific worshipper from the inhabitants of the earth, and he was directed to a monk. He went to him and told him that he had killed 99 people, and he asked whether it was possible for him to repent.

The monk said, ‘No.’ The man killed him, thus making him the 100th victim. He then asked to be directed to the most knowledgeable of the Earth’s inhabitants, and he was guided to a scholar. He went to him and told him that he had killed 100 people, and he asked whether it was possible for him to repent.

The scholar said, ‘Yes, and who will stand between you and repentance. Go to such and such land, for in it dwell a people who worship Allah, so go and worship Allah with them. And do not return to your land, for it is indeed a land of evil.’ He left, and when he reached the halfway point of his journey, he died. The angels of Mercy and the angels of Punishment were struggling to take him looking at his case.

The angels of Mercy said, ‘He came to us repentant, advancing with his heart towards Allah.’ The angels of Punishment said, ‘Indeed, he never performed any good deeds.’

Then an angel came in the form of a human being, and both groups of angels asked him to be the judge between them. He said, ‘Measure the distance between the two lands.

Whichever land he is closer to is the land that he is closer to [in terms of being of its people]. They then measured the distance and found that he was closer to the land that he was heading towards, and so it was the angels of Mercy who then took his soul.

We obviously need the blessings of Allah and blessings come after forgiveness.  Indeed, Allah has opened the door of repentance to every sinner. The Prophet said,

“Oh people, repent to Allah, for indeed, I repent to Allah 100 times every day” [Muslim : 2702] Let us not postpone repentance for those who take Allah’s message Are we becoming less deserving of Allah’s blessings?

Dear Believers, follow Allah and His Messengers  and remember the day of reckoning, day of gathering and day of losses and gains.

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