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January 25, 2014

I cannot do without apples — Benita

I cannot do  without apples  — Benita

By Aderonke Adeyeri

Nollywood actress,Benita Nzeribe is our guest in this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. The Anambra State-born actress reviews the secret behind her good looks and what keeps her going. Enjoy

Benita-Nzeribe1What is your favorite food?

My best food is wheat and white soup which is popularly known as ofe -nsala. Ofe-nsala is a special delicacy that can be taken with different delicacies and very palatable.

Did you play any prank to get ofe-nsala?

Well, I did not have to because I lived in a family where we have food  in abundance.

What is your favorite fruit?

I love apples and I eat apples on a daily basis to stay healthy.

What is the secret behind your  look?

I thank God for my looks and my little secret is to ensure I smile even under pressure.

How do you unwind?

I love to watch movies and do some sit-ups to maintain my shape.

How would you advice others to eat?

Africa is blessed with a lot of good foods. I employ Nigerians to eat a lot of vegetables and insist on fresh fruits always.