Facing The Ka'aba

January 3, 2014

Men and women are always segregated — Abdufattah

Men and women are always segregated — Abdufattah

*Ogun Pilgrims at Mount Jabalithaor one of the holy sites in Makkah

Sitting in Islam not only in the mosque differs generally from other religions because Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) prohibits free mixing of men and women.

Men and Women are always segregated in the mosque, because Salat is the most important form of worship in Islam that requires utmost concentration with Allah.

Free mixing or sitting together of men and women engender distraction and loss of concentration. They can pray together but in separate lines behind men to avoid distractions during praying.

It is easy for men to become distracted if there is a woman praying in front of them, especially during bowing and prostration. To prevent this, women pray behind men.

This rule of men and women sitting together is partially lifted in case of the Sacred Mosque in Makkah (Ka’abah) during Tawaf (circumambulation), yet at the time of prayer in ka’abah,  men and women are segregated.

The implication of men and women sitting together and freely mixing is that it opens the door for all forms of indecency between men and women as can be seen in our society today. It encourages sexual, matrimonial infidelity, rape and so many things.