I READ with much pain in my bones, heartache and running stomach the interview granted by a second Republic member of House of Representatives and a Russian trained medical doctor Junaid Mohammed, captioned  2015: there’ll be bloodshed, if Jonathan runs, warns  Junaid Mohammed.

I have watched and listened with keen interest to see or hear reactions from Nigerians or security operatives condemning this interview but to no avail. It is imperative and instructive for discerning Nigerians to rise up against this treasonable and unwarranted incitation.

For a man like Junaid Mohammed to openly and on the pages of Sunday Sun Newspaper of December 1st, 2013 on page 61 incite our Northern brothers and sisters to declare war against the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Southerners if Jonathan runs in 2015. It is very unfortunate and irresponsible of a man of his standing as, this act amounts to a crime against the State and a call for a civil war.

He also opined that the President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria is irresponsible, incompetent, a nincompoop and also lacks integrity and accountability.

This is the height of madness and irresponsibility for a citizen of a country to describe the President of his country in that manner not even in the comfort of his house but on a national daily.I have travelled round the world and have not read on any newspaper where a citizen of a country disparages their president in a very crude manner. I am not holding brief for Mr. President but as a Nigerian, I roundly condemn in greatest terms this irresponsible, wicked, callous, hallucination and desperation of a senile man.

What this man poured out is sacrilegious.  What did General Buhari and Asari Dokubo say that everyone was calling for their heads? In fact, the causation of attack on Odi was a child’s play to what Junaid Mohammed has vomited.

I have no doubt in my mind that responsible patriots and discerning Nigerians after reading his nauseating and heart wrecking interview will assume that he is a suicide bomber and if not a sponsor of dreaded Boko Haram sect.

The President of a country is the image and mirror of its citizens and should be treated as sacred. When you demean and demonize the occupant of that office, you have directly demeaned, demonized, dehumanized yourself, and other innocent citizens before the outside world.

I am constrained because of my training to rain abuses on Junaid but permit me to say that all he said about the President of my country is what he no doubt represents in million folds. People like him do not belong to a decent society and should be consigned to Rwandan zoo for habitation/rehabilitation.

What is he talking about President Jonathan running in 2015? Is he of the view that the president is not a Nigerian or not qualified to run, on what ground or platform does his jaundiced posturing come from. We should always reflect on our history. It is people like Junaid that truncated the second Republic when he was a member of the House of Representatives, shouting wolves while there was none.  On his assertion that there is more agitation in the South-west is a figment of his false imaginal amnesia.

I understand his mindset, calculation and deceptive  permutation. What happened in 1993 cannot repeat itself, the North wanted to form government of Nigeria with the South-west, without carrying the cash cow of the nation along.  It is obvious; Junaid Mohammed is ignorant of the reason behind General Babaginda’s reason to annul that election characterised by the Moslem – Moslem ticket.

Junaid has not realised that demography has changed where other citizens of other zones criss cross and settle more in different parts of Nigerian and command if not more in number than the indigenous population. Has he not  also realized that the north is no longer homogeneous  and cannot speak with one voice again.  What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

It is pertinent to warn Junaid Mohammed to refrain from unstatesmanly, unpatriotic divisiveness, fanning the ambers of discord, selfishness, tribalism, fanatism and political suicide bombing.

With  altruism, people like him who are fastidious should laud Mr. President’s giant strides as encapsulated  in his Transformation Agenda, such as Agricultural revolution, the economy growing at 6.5%, unbundling the power sector , you win programme, success in sports, confab, road constructions, railway line reinvigoration, airports infrastructural development, fight against terrorism and many other resounding successes.

I am convinced beyond doubt that this war drum by Junaid Mohammed is for our innocent youths as it is evident that he cannot walk up to 100metres without collapsing. Our youths are wiser now and will not listen to a dying warhorse.

Even if Mr. President decides not to run, it will not be because of Junaid Mohammed threats or individuals like him. Mr. President is a bonafide citizen of Nigeria and deserves to be treated as one. We urge him in unequivocal terms to run in 2015.

Most importantly, any insult on him or his office is a complete insult on every Nigerian. I do not accept in any logical term that my President is a nincompoop, incompetent, lacks accountability and integrity. To all Nigerians, Mr. President is a man of honour, very credible, decent, a PHD holder and loving president.

Every Nigerian should rise up and caution Junaid Mohammed and his  likes as this is a slap on our faces and insult meted to all Nigerians.

Kelechi Nwagwu wrote from Owerri, Imo State


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