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December 14, 2013

I love hanging out with kids- Ivory Blinx

I love hanging out with kids- Ivory Blinx

Sonia Asomugha popularly known as Ivory Blinx is a rising female singer and actress who holds a lot of promises for her generation. She talks about the passion she has for music and why she dumped acting.

By Juliet Ebirim

I am Sonia Asomugha. My friends call me Ivory Blinx. I am an up and coming  artiste. I am currently in the studio recording my new songs. Before now, I was also into acting. I have done  a couple of movies when I was in school. They were  “The Powerful Law”, “The Rod” among others.

I started acting way back in 2005/2006, before I later abandoned the screen in pursuit of academic excellence. Right now, I’m into full time music. I do  hip hop and R n B. The songs I have presently are “My Baby”, “Take it down low”, “Story of my Life” and “Boss of my Game.” Though none of them is out, but hopefully, next year, they are going to hit the market.

I  do acting by the side, if an opportunity presents itself. I don’t go looking for roles. I am concentrating on my music. I am from Anambra State while my mum is from Ghana. I had a Diploma in Law from the University of Abuja, before I later proceeded to Imo State University to study Political Science. I’m based in Lagos.

Right from my childhood, I’ve been in a member of the choir as well as gospel band and each time, I sing, people get inspired by my songs and they always want me to sing. Music has always been part of me .So, when I grew up, I decided to make a career in music. I have always loved music and dancing. Whenever  I’m in a sad mood, music lifts my spirit.

I started acting from the National Theatre, where  I used to go for auditions.  I was just a teenager. then. I didn’t really know much about the trade. Later, I gained admission into the University. After my education,  a friend of mine who is a musician invited me to come and do back up for him. After working with him, he advised me into music.  I’m the kind of person that easily gets noticed. People love being friendly with me.

To actualise my dream of becoming a singer, I had to engage myself  in buying and selling. I was dealing on human hair extension, designer jeans, women stuff and my boyfriend also supported  me. Each time, I have realsied some money, I usually storm the studio and do some work. But it’s not really much, I’m currently looking for sponsors.

While I was acting, I have been privileged to work  with Hanks Anukwu, Klint Da Drunk, late Sam Loco and many others. In terms of relaxing, I stay at home, watch movies and music videos. When I want to chill out, I go to the beach, I love  water front. My hobbies are dancing, singing, sports . Also,  I love hanging out with kids.

While growing up, I loved hanging out with guys a lot. Till date, people still see me as a tomboy. I was so much into sports during secondary school days and I won a lot of trophies for my school. My dad even wanted me to do sports professionally.

Though I am not a fashion freak, I love having an edge in whatever I do. So, whatever I wear, there must be something unique about it. I love being funky and crazy when hanging out. I just love to free myself. I don’t care what people say about my dressing. I just want to look the way I feel. I love blinks a lot, jewelries, shoes, clothes,accessories with blinks, I don’t mind using the last money in my pocket to buy anything with blinks. That how I got the name ‘Ivory Blinx’.

I am a straightforward person, but from a far you’ll think I’m  a mean  lady. I feel I am a nice person, very down-to -earth. I hate dirty people and I also don’t like  it when people lie and cheat me. It makes me mad. I also can’t stand someone maltreating another person. I love to see people mingle together and share moments together. I love good things and beautiful people.

In five years time, I want to see myself going for shows, video shoots and so on. I see myself doing better than I am today.
My advice to other aspiring stars is that they  shouldn’t lose hope. If they believe in their dreams, they should just work towards it because an opportunity can come at any time.