For achieving outstanding results in Corporate Social Responsibility, (CSR) and Human Resources (HR) , Alcatel-Lucent in Nigeria has been selected by CareerNation for its Africa Human Resources Excellence Awards, to receive the prize and recognition for “The Best Use of Corporate Social Responsibility in HR” Award category for the year 2013.

The award was received by Alcatel Lucent recently in Accra, Ghana, during the 5th annual [email protected] Africa Human Resource Conference & Excellence Awards.

The PHR Managing Partner at CareerNation: “CareerNation, Victor T. Madubuko, said that Alcatel-Lucent was selected as it has undertaken the risks of innovation, served as a pioneer in the field, and has contributed to human resources development in Africa.

According to him, the company and its employees succeeded in overcoming challenges and clearly came out as a key strategic partner not only grasping the company’s vision and mission, but also contributing to them.

“This is an award given for the company’s achievements in terms of employee engagement, innovative programs in education and technological fields and for a strong contribution in the community, to help bridge the digital divide” he explained.

For Hatim Zougari, Country Manager of Alcatel-Lucent Nigeria, “This is the first time we have entered this Award, this success is a result of joint effort between our employees and management, our Foundation and community partners, thanks to everyone for helping make our company’s CSR vision a reality.”

He added: “These programs will help provide these youth with a head-start towards an independent life with the professional skills necessary to succeed in a globalized world.”

Also reacting to the award, Adebimpe Ayo Elias, HR Director of Alcatel-Lucent in Nigeria said that it was a true and strong testament of Alcatel-Lucent Nigeria’s commitment to employee engagement. “Our company’s engagement is measured by our employees’ commitment, their contribution, their enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to go above and beyond for their organization and their community.”, Elias said.

“A great win by an amazing team in Nigeria. An effort well recognized by the engaged and committed talent we have in the country, going above and beyond their call of duty to support their communities. The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation made this win possible, to provide an arena of contribution and support, to prepare the next generation of talent in the country. We will continue to focus on social activities in Nigeria and the region, with the support of management and our energetic employee base!”

Issa Eid, HR Leader for Middle East, Turkey and Africa said.

Similarly, Bishalakhi Ghosh, Director of Alcatel-Lucent Foundation said that one of the focus areas of the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation is on programs that help youth from disadvantaged communities have access to training helping them prepare for life, the business world and the future.

The success of these programs, according to Ghosh was mainly the result of team work and our employee’s contribution and commitment. It is a true example of a corporate CSR vision by helping youth to become leaders in tomorrow’s world.”

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