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Lesbianism in Nollywood!


Nigerian entertainment industry has recently become a haven  of  lesbianism, where homosexuality is no longer seen as an indulgence akin to taboo. But where young entertainers  go to any lenght to get roles in order to flaunt their new found celebrity status with the view to attracting the well-heeled in the society. This ugly development has even spread to churches, night clubs  and parties. The act which many believe is alien to African culture has become so acceptable to those involved in it without any remorse. Our team went to town to sought the opinions of the enterainters on the disturbing issue.

People take closeness to mean lesbianism — Lizzy, Actress


I have heard about lesbianism in Nollywood but I can’t actually place my hand on anyone. When  people spot you hanging out with lots of female friends or sharing room with your female colleagues; they assume you are a lesbian.  Using myself as an example; I am fond of keeping girlfriends; I can peck and hug her closely in the public,when people see such closeness they assume you are lesbians without evidence.

I don’t judge people base on what I see; I have to be close to you first and foremost before I draw my conclusion. To be candid with you,  I have not met any lesbian and I have never been harrassed by any.

I have heard about it — Ani Amatosero, Actress

Yes, I have heard there are  lesbians in Nollywood but I cannot accuse anyone  because nobody has approached me before now.  People  gossip a lot and assume things especially when they don’t like you or when they find out that you are a friend to someone they feel is a lesbian.

I don’t judge people by  their appearance  or what others  say about that person.  I judge people by  how they treat or deal with me. In every 12 persons.  there is always a Judas.  But this time, I cannot fish out the Judas because the Judas has never  tried touching me or wooing me  to  sleep with her. I honestly won’t lie to you; I have never experienced it!

I am not against lesbianism — Toyin Actress


I don’t discriminate against ‘same sex’ as we live in a free world. We need to treat everybody the same way. Even though there are bisexual;gay,lesbians and others we do not know much about; we are all the same. It is their lives hence; they should decide what works for them. I will be surprised if we have same sex in Nollywood because our culture  forbids such practice.

It could be allowed in America and Europe, we understand.But I seriously think Nigerians should stop imitating bad things from teh western world.

It’s common in Nollywood  — Stephanie, Actress

It is a common thing in the industry and many of them are not even ashamed of being lesbians or bisexual. I don’t hate those who are into it. But  l hate the act. I cannot be caught even in my wild dreams involved in  lesbianism!

*Capital Femi
*Capital Femi

It’s a free world — Capital FEMI

I dont think there is any need beating about the bush. We should hit the nail on the head. What ever a man or woman does behind close doors is strictly their business. Your sexuality do not determine how good you are in your job. I do not think it shoud affect other people’s job. I grew up to know that sex is supposed to be practised among two opposite sex. It is not supposed to be between the same sex. All the same, it is their business as I don’t have much to say on the issue.


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