By Prince Osuagwu

21st century technological advancement is taking a toll on journalism. Depending on which divide one stands, the effects could either be positive or negative.

But the truth is that journalism is shifting from a small group of people who access, treat information and disseminate same to a large; usually heterogeneous audience who are dependent on them to know what goes on in the society. With the emergence of Mobile Journalism, MOJO, occasioned by the spread of smartphones and other mobile devices, that large audience is also becoming a news carrier.

MOJO is Journalism of gathering news content on the go, through the use of mobile technology.

MOJO has made it that as a journalist, you never can bet your pay package against the argument that your next door neighbour had already published the news you are rushing home to break.

The influence of facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other platforms makes it highly possible. MOJO is easy to come by. With a smartphone, a tablet or other mobile devices, the mobile journalist is his own newsroom. He shares information easily. His contents are even TV ready.

However, this new trend in journalism comes with its negative effects; it has little or no regards for ethics and lowers standards of the profession. It also negates quality of news and cares very little about the stability of the society.

But last week, Apple Inc, maker of the iPad, Iphone and other devices submitted that much as Mobile Journalism is creating journalists everywhere, what would make the difference is when the traditional journalists who have training and respect for ethics of the profession also migrate to the new revolution.

Presenting training for Nigerian journalist on the MOJO revolution, Taryn Hyam, of Core Group Africa, Apple’s authorised represen-tatives listed some practical steps core journalists should take in order to remain relevant in the new order and as well salvage the integrity of their cherished profession.


Chief among the steps is that a modern day journalist must embrace technology. The mobile journalist must fall in love with technology and follow up its dynamism. He must also be social; this means that the social platforms must interest him even as he must follow trending issues from them.

The Mobile Journalist must also not be afraid to experiment. The problem Hyam said she discovered with core the journalist is routine. So if he must take centre stage in the Mobile Journalism ecosystem, he must be ready to experiment without fear and watch how his experiments pan out. Most importantly, he must also invest in good apps. Jobs don’t do themselves and there are facilitators which at the end of the day make the journalist super human when he achieves success. Such facilitators must be prime in his approach to this new task.

However, she also listed some good Apps, mainly from Apple’s store that can help MOJO. While majority of them can be downloaded free of change, some of them would need to be paid for.

Voddio: This app according to her is made for mobile journalism, video and audio editing, podcasts, sending and sharing functions. It is mainly recommended for radio and Tv mobile journalists.

iJournalist Pro: This is another MOJO app that can record and edit videos, help the online journalist to add his titles bylines on his site or blog.

There is also the CoveritLive app. This enables realtime reporting, live blogging, social Tv, reader comments and chat events. She revealed that popular media outfits like Sky, Fox and Washington post use the app to cover critical events.

WordPress: This app helps to write and edit blog contents, upload photos and help the Blogger in reading comments from his posts. There is also another important app called the DropBox. This app helps to compress large files like videos and pictures to make  it easy for the journalist to upload and download.

Yet another important tool is the iPad Mini.

However, there are facts which she said actually make the device a perfect tool for the Mobile Journalist. Right from the start, there’s a lot to love about the mini iPad. It’s simple yet powerful. Thin and light. Yet it’s full-featured. It can do just about everything and be just about anything. And because it’s so easy to use, it’s definitely going to be easy to love by users who are always on the move.

Besides the light weight, ease of use and a huge advantage of easy tuck away like a mere purse while travelling, the beautiful screen, powerful A5 chip, FaceTime and iSight cameras, amazing apps, and 10-hour battery life, make iPad mini every inch an iPad.

It has a beautiful screen, fast and fluid performance, FaceTime and iSight cameras, thousands of amazing apps, 10-hour battery life. The clincher is that you can actually hold it in one hand

Colors are vivid and text is sharp on the iPad mini display. But what really makes it stand out is its size. At 7.9 inches, it’s perfectly sized to deliver an experience every bit as big as iPad.

With advanced Wi- Fi that’s up to  twice as fast as any previous-generation iPad  and access to fast cellular data networks around the world, iPad mini lets you download content, stream video, and browse the web at amazing speeds.

Right from the start, apps made for iPad also work with iPad mini. They’re immersive, full-screen apps that let you do almost anything you can imagine. And they make iPad mini practically impossible to put down.

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