August 13, 2013

Samsung unveils bottom mounted freezer refrigerator

By Emeka Aginam

One of the global leaders in digital home appliances, Samsung Electronics West Africa has announced the introduction of its new Bottom Mounted Freezer refrigerator .

The product , which automatically adjusts cooling speed in response to temperature fluctuations for more energy efficiency and to strengthen durability, affirms Samsung’s dedication to providing appliance innovations that deliver unparalleled performance, greater flexibility, and many more to families around the world.

With the new product, Samsung brings new technology innovations into the home, empowering families to get more out of their appliances , thereby enabling households to run more efficiently and harmoniously.

The new refrigerator features Samsung’s superior Digital Inverter Compressor that strengthens durability and improves energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting across five speeds of RPM in response to cooling demands.

Due to frequent door openings, hot plate of food or outside temperature changes, the compressor of the product reacts to either rapidly provide cold air or slow down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

The new product offers several other category-first features that highlight convenience, including an entire Grab’n Go sauce basket that can be detached and moved for cooking or enjoying a meal, a top LED that illuminates the refrigerator’s interior more brightly than conventional models.

For one thing, no other refrigerator ensures optimal freshness like the new Bottom Mounted Freezer Refrigerator.

Accordingly, a CoolSelect zone allows consumers to control the temperature of the compartment with a simple-touch button display, maximizing freshness and allowing the space for multi-purpose use, keeping vegetables and meat fresher far longer.

However, no Frost Technology prevents ice buildup on the inside of the freezer wall and prevents water drop formation in the refrigerator that can leave stains.

One year warranty:
Backed with one year warranty, the innovative technology works to strengthen the durability and extend the life of the refrigerator.

“In many ways, the refrigerator is at the heart of the kitchen, experiencing a lot of physical demands and activity throughout the day,” Product Manager, Refrigerators, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Manmohan Chandroth, said, adding that, “In addition to small temperature changes that come from frequent door openings, we also thought about situations in which a home’s electricity supply may be unstable with spikes and power cuts.

“This will damage a refrigerator over time. And if it breaks, it causes a huge amount of stress and takes significant time, money and effort to fix or replace. At Samsung, we pride ourselves on always thinking ahead to what our consumers will need, and our new Bottom Mounted Freezer Refrigerator thoughtfully delivers on providing real solutions with unprecedented technology, durability and design,”

In a conventional refrigerator, it is inconvenient to put large items in the drawer due to its small entrance. But a Full Open Box in the new Bottom Mounted Freezer Refrigerator can be pulled out fully so you can store items from corner to corner and to easily remove large and bulky food items.