By Bashir Adefaka

At every emergent need of Muslims, there is invariably something to offer as far as Islamic Movement for Africa, IMA, is concerned.  The current of such is the need for Muslims especially in the immediate vicinity to have a quality based hospital that would render to them effective and affordable medical and health service delivery.

Recently in Abeokuta, the movement came up with the idea of IMA Hospital, which culminated in the building of a hospital well equipped to handle comprehensive medical checks and quality health services delivery to Muslims and other members of the society.  The hospital, called IMA Hospital, Abeokuta, has a sizeable diagnostic side consisting of laboratory and scan centres.  IMA Hospital also has one male ward and another ward for female patients.  There also exists in the hospital consulting room, doctor’s office, nurses’ room and a pharmacy.

When asked about the intention behind establishment of the hospital, President of IMA and former Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Prince Abudul-Jabbar Bolasodun Ajibola, SAN, said the ideas was to showcase the beauty of Islam and display to the world that Muslims, among who IMA is one, build and not demolish; heal the sick by Allah’s support and not inflict plagues and encourage people to live good lives and not cut out to destroy people.

His words: “Of the most important idea in the whole set up of IMA is to present Islam in impressive manner for all Muslims and those who want to embrace Islam or who are close to us to see the beauties of Islam.  We all believe that Muslims must present and project Islam in the most positive and most organized way in order that they may see the worship and service of God in us and to appreciate our efforts in presenting the religion as the religion of God.

“We want to make it clear that are not terrorists, that we are not violent and that with the fear of God in us, we want to obey the laws of God in whatever we will be doing and in our presentation of our service to Almighty Allah.
“We considered the establishment of an hospital to be one of the foremost assignment that we should engage in, for so many reasons: One, we are of the view that our male Muslims should have male doctors to check them up and treat them.  Just as our female doctors should be given that assignment of treating female Muslims.

“Two, we are of the view that the complex of mosque, library, multi-purpose hall, schools and even a guest house should also have a befitting medical centre.  Three, information reached us that some of our members, that is Muslims, were turned back from certain private clinics and hospitals because of their religion identity and therefore we found it an important and even a prerequisite that we should, instead of having to confront or complain about anybody, build a hospital of our own here with a diagnostic centre and even maternity sector to address that area of problem not only to our Muslim people but more extensively non-Muslim public.

“Fourth reason being that we are of the view to demonstrate in clear term that we heal people with the help of God and that we do not destroy people.  Acts of violence or destruction of people are very ungodly, alien to Islam and we do not believe or partake in them,” he said.

The retired world court jurist hinted further that it was the ambition of IMA to present the hospital in the most positive and attractive way that even those who are not Muslims could come in and be well treated.  “We welcome patients regardless of their religious leaning because we Muslims believe that Allah is Lord of all of us and we should therefore love and care for all people regardless of their beliefs.  That is our motive; that is our belief; that is our religion; that is our concept.  And we equally believe that health is wealth and tidiness, cleanliness is all part of the prerequisite.  We should enhance the wellbeing of everyone in our community,” Ajibola told Vanguard’s Facing the Kaaba.

He added that Muslims in the Islamic Movement for Africa, IMA, as well as in the entire Nigerian Muslim Community believed in positive harmony with everyone in the enclave regardless of their religions and therefore asserted that they did not hate anyone.

“We need peace and stability for the entire nation.  What we do mostly within our IMA set up as a religious body is to serve God, worship Him so that we can have a soul and at the same time reflect our happiness and joys with those who are with us.  Ours is to project the service of God and service to humanity.

“We have the nucleus of it all here: the mosque, school, multi-purpose hall for lectures, guest house for accommodation and hospital.  We do not send people out from our complex here.  The only thing we do not agree that people should do here is to indulge in alcoholism or any forbidden act and eating of forbidden food.  That is basic.  Apart from that, we welcome all our Muslims brothers and sisters,” he said.

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