July 9, 2013

All-New Camry: Evolution of an icon

All-New Camry: Evolution of an icon

New Toyota Camry

By Theodore Opara

“Acclaimed for generations around the world for its superb quality, durability and reliability, the Camry evolves to shape next generation comfort, performance and peace of mind that appeals to both the head and the heart.”

This was how Toyota Motor Corporation described the all-new Toyota Camry which recently won the Car of the Year Award by the Nigeria Auto Awards.

To those who have come in contact with the new Camry, they know that the award was well deserved. The all new Camry has it all; solid presence, luxurious comfort, space, class-leading driving performance, and fuel efficiency are some of the attributes of the new Toyota Camry.

New Toyota Camry

New Toyota Camry

The Camry, from a distance could be mistaken  for a Lexus Sedan (don’t forget that Lexus is a sister company to Toyota). Its sculpted solid presence exudes sophisticated styling and attitude, in a dynamic blend of aerodynamic elegance and refined functionality with a sporty edge.

No wonder the car has been bestowed with all manner of awards in many countries like its predecessors. With the right contours in  the right places, the all-new Camry has demonstrated Toyota engineer’s ability to surpass the attributes of  the older Camry which dominated its segment for many years. It is simply the evolution of an icon.

Available in two engine variants, (both V6) the new Camry has maintain its reputation as trailblazer in fuel efficiency, comfort, safety and powerful performance. The engines include 24 valves 3.5 lire (2GR-FE) power plant  which delivers maximum output of 204kw/6200 rpm and maximum torque of 346 Nm/4700 rpm. Other engine is the 16 valves 2.5 litre (2AR-FE) power plant which churns out maximum output of 133kw/6000 rpm and maximum torque of 231 Nm/4100 rpm.

Both engines feature a super intelligent six-speed automatic transmission which delivers outstanding driving performance and fuel efficiency and at the same time offers smooth shifting feeling and quiet operation.

The new Camry also owes it excellent drive to its suspension. At the front, is the MacPherson strut (L-shaped lower arms, gas filled shock absorbers with stabiliser bar) while the rear suspension is dual link strut.

Inside, the Camry is masterfully crafted as the sensation of luxurious comfort is instantly inviting. Tasteful use of wood grain trim and well lighted meter cluster gives you the assurance that the Camry has been designed to lead its class.

Also, the seamless blend of space, comfort and convenience creates an oasis of refined pleasure in the rear seats, where every amenity is controlled by a touch of switch.

Designed to be outstanding, the new Camry boasts array of unique features. For instance the rear seat control panel equipped with switches for power reclining rear seats, rear seat heater, power rear window sunshade, audio system, and air-conditioning system. All these provide rear seat passengers with convenient personal control.

The Camry boasts top safety features such as ESP which assist steering and contributes to excellent fuel efficiency, VSC which act to reduce excessive side slipping by the tyre, intelligent AFS which contribute to excellent visibility when cornering at night, back monitor which supports smooth reversing operation while parking, airbags, crash safety body, as well as WIL concept front seats all work in tandem to protect the occupants.