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My encounter with bead painting – Lanre Buraimoh

By Starrys Obazei

Nigerian born and American based Lanre Buraimoh is a bead painter. Being a  rare and technical genre in visual arts, the Yoruba born artist has  successfully explioted the beauty and challenges inherent in this art form. In the course of his work, he has had a  brilliant time out on canvass with his compositional excellence. In this short conversation, he talks about his enduring engagement with paint knife and brush.

CAN you share your experience with us about your interest in glass bead painting?

Over the years, bead painting has filled me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity. It has proven a most amenable vehicle for translating my inner vision to realism.

My passion for this bead painting has transformed my life and now everything about me is art.


I love the creative power which bead painting gives me, and I have studied it avidly.

The Curator, Professor of Art, University of Nebraska in the 15th Annual All Media Juror  International Art Exhibition where my bead painting, ‘Passionate Mother’, won Special Recognition Award, Professor Laurence Bradshaw in a speech about me, said Lanre Buraimoh is an accomplished artists who uses beads skillfully to the admiration of art lovers. His work, ‘Melody Makers’ is jubilant in the sense of the colour tonality with an abundance of highly saturated hues.”

What are the challenges with this brand of painting?

I really don’t see any negative challenges because my signature -bead painting- is a unique medium and it is not a field of artistic expression for a lot of artists.

Collectors and art lovers always

look for a new thing in art  and the good news is, I have a master new approach in  bead painting. I had also finally given it give it a new touch, taking the family symbol of glory to the height which seems previously unattainable.

Painting every day gets me into a creative habit and routine.

It takes persistence as well as lots of ideas such creative paintings Knowledge of colour theory and colour mixing is one of the most important aspects of painting.

What is the future of glass bead painting in the emerging visual arts world?

The future of glass bead painting is bright.

To what extent can you say that your sojourn in the U.S. has influenced your practice of glass bead painting?

The journey to the United States has accorded me opportunity to fully utilise my creative skills in the field of art. It also gives me the opportunity to showcase my signature in bead painting along with other established artists in the United States.

Would you have continued to practise bead painting if you were back home in Nigeria?

I enjoy working in this medium and I will always continue to create it anywhere.

In the alternative, what other genre of art would you have involved yourself in? Why?

I also have remarkable talents in  oil and acrylic painting that I got under the tutelage of my parents.

I use both abstract and real-life paintings techniques to contribute my own quota to making our society a conducive place to live through my numerous food for thoughts artworks for the benefit of mankind.


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