By Ebele Orakpo

“If you’re poor and get caught with drugs, it’s a crime and you go to jail for possession; if you’re rich and get caught with drugs, it’s a scandal and you go to rehab” – Anonymous.

But this guy has got guts!” exclaimed Peter, a commuter in the Ikeja-bound bus as he read a story in a national daily about former leader of Niger Delta Volunteer Force, NDVF, Alhaji Asari-Dokubo, boasting that Nigeria will know no peace if President Jonathan fails to be re-elected in 2015.

“Who the hell is he to challenge a whole nation?” queried Nina.

Replied Tony: “Do you blame him? I am sure he has got some powerful forces backing him and that has given him the boldness.”

“Apart from that, he is just re-echoing what Gen. Buhari said before the 2011 elections.  Others have made similar remarks and nothing was done to them; so, is it because it is coming from a seemingly wrong quarter?” asked Peter.

“President Jonathan caused this problem. He missed it completely when he ordered that those officers that killed Mohammed Yusuf, the Boko Haram leader, in the early days of this insurgency, should be dealt with. That emboldened the others,” noted Iyabo.

“Exactly, he really misfired in that instance,” agreed Tony.

“Yes, because the police killed him extra-judicially which was not right,” said Id, to which Nike retorted thus: “Oh, so the innocent ones they murdered in cold blood before he was killed were not humans? I tell you, if the guy had not been killed at that point, he would have been walking the streets a free man today; you know how our courts operate.”

“I fear for this country. The military may take over the way things are going,” said James. “I had a dream a few days ago where the military struck and took over governance. It was very vivid and really frightening and the thing is that my dreams usually come true.”

“Abeg oo! Joseph the dreamer,” teased Iyke.

“Forget that! It will never happen. Not in this modern world. Impossi-can’t!” countered Rita.

“Never say never. Anything can happen in Nigeria. The North is so desperate to get back to the saddle now and if democracy will not get them there, then military putsch will accomplish it,” said James.

“Unfortunately, that may not be feasible because Obasanjo retired many top military officers who happened to be Northerners when he became president,” stated Rose.

“Ah, that will not stop them. They can retire the high ranking Southern officers and promote the Northerners to take the position,” insisted James.

“It won’t be easy as the world is now a global village and whatever happens in one part affects other parts,” said Iyke.

Said John: “If I were the President, I’ll send all the service chiefs to Borno State to crush the insurgents. If all of them had been sent there, and ordered not to return until they achieve result, this nonsense would not have escalated to this point. After all, those innocent souls they killed were Nigerians and they voted for him but sadly, he has failed to protect them.”

“It’s all double standard in this nation. How many policemen were killed in Odi that the entire community was wiped out, yet hundreds of them have been killed by Boko Haram and not even a state of emergency has been declared in any of the hot spots,” he noted.

“This government should wake up to its responsibilities. This attack on security agents can be likened to the relationship between the AIDS virus and the body’s defence system. If our security agents have become so vulnerable, the common man damned. It’s so sad!” said Mercy.

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