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These men are dangerous: Jonathan/Obasanjo – 2

“There are no desperate situations; only desperate men”, Joseph Goebbels, 1897-1945, Propaganda Chief under Hitler. (VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, p 38)

Fellow Nigerians, see what you have done to GEJ. Plucked out of obscurity; promoted rapidly beyond his ability to govern; he is now desperate to continue. He is now blundering deeper into a political quagmire and taking the nation with him. He has finally got selected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, a man who had served OBJ. The late president cared about Nigeria; because he came from solid Nigerian stock.

Unfortunately, our Jonathan is not so discriminating. He has probably never heard the old saying, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. So, Ebele has embraced the new BOT chair. If we are paid N1billion for all the issues and personalities, about whom we have been proved right; we would be richer than Dangote – without being accused of thievery by Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, OFR.

We told you, when Obasanjo imposed Yar’Adua that he was “a good man in the wrong job – on account of his frail health”. You elected him and the job claimed his life. Despite strident warnings on these pages, you voted for Goodluck.  That’s bad luck for all of us; this is an unrepentant apostle of do-or-die politics.

Most right-thinking leaders of the PDP are still scratching their heads about what happened in Edo State, in the last governor’s election – which was decisively lost. Whether true or not, people expect rigging. The consequences will be too disastrous to contemplate. People will no longer stand for rigging. Yet, this is the corner into which Jonathan has boxed himself.

“Rowing harder doesn’t help, if the boat is headed in the wrong direction”, said Kenichi Ohmae.(VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, P 40). That was as far back as 1989. But, someone in Aso Rock, born and sent to school shoeless, in a riverrine area, still has not learnt that lesson.

So, he has turned the PDP, started by the courageous Nigerians called G-34, and broad based into “a government of select Southsouth people, by select Southsouth people and for Southsouth people”. Before some blockheads start shouting “Dele has come again”, let me again remind everybody about last week’s column.

President Jonathan and Gen. Obasanjo (Rtd)
President Jonathan and Gen. Obasanjo (Rtd)

In it, it was pointed out that all the most powerful positions in the Jonathan/PDP government (now you can see how foolish all those who “voted for Jonathan and not PDP” were), except one, are now held by people from the Southsouth zone – implying the total exclusion of anyone from the other five zones.

The President is from Bayelsa, the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees is from Edo; the Chief of Staff in Aso Rock is from Edo; the two most powerful Senior Special Advisers (never mind the powerless but noisy duo from the Southwest – Abati and Okupe) are from Edo and Bayelsa; the newly created position of Chairman of the PDP governors has gone to Akwa Ibom; we can continue.

Was it deliberate or inadvertent that the power distribution should be so lopsided? It matters not; but these are the consequences of voting President Jonathan, who had few friends outside his own enclave, until he became Vice-President as the nation’s leader. His instincts drive him to seek comfort within his own base.

(Well, that is traditional security). Beyond that he trusts nobody. My Fellow Countrymen (God knows how many fools make up that lot), from the Southeast, Southwest, North Central, Northeast and Northwest, who trooped out, in April 2011, to vote for Azikiwe (you probably forgot that was one of his names used to deceive mugus in the Southeast before the elections to vote; it disappeared immediately after the votes were counted), was this the “breath of fresh air” you were promised. But, was this the content of the “breath of fresh air” you were promised?

In the desperate bid to surround himself with his “brothers”, our President had forgotten, or, perhaps never knew that there are Tivis, Berom, Katafs, Kanuris, Igalas, Efiks, Urhobos, Juguns, Igbos, Hausas, Afemais and Nupes, among other Nigerians worthy of consideration for powerful positions.

The Southwest deserves nothing; for the simple reason that the zone which voted against PDP in every other election, only to turn around and vote Jonathan for President deserves the kick in mouth. Somebody already collected our own dividend – upfront.

How about the rest? Would the earth explode if either the Chairman of PDP Governors Forum or the BOT Chairman had come from the East? Can no governor in the Middle Belt, all PDP, be trusted with whatever dubious role the candidate for this dubious position, unknown to the party’s constitution, is supposed to play? Not once since Nigeria’s independence has the nation’s leader concentrated so much power in his own area – not even the unelected Abacha.

Jonathan, being desperate, had created, right in front of our eyes, a precedent for staffing at the highest levels which will come to haunt all of us – especially the southern minorities. As it is now, none of the PDP governors, senators, and members of the House of Representatives, in the north or west, who risked everything to mobilize support for Jonathan, in 2011, can fail to feel embittered by the turn of events.

I cannot speak for the East. One thing, however, is clear to me. If power ever swings back to the north, in the near future, generations unborn from the south will again be complaining that “the north had ruled for x number of years”. The south and Jonathan abolished zoning, not only for elections, but for appointments to powerful positions in government and the ruling party. I may not live long enough to see it. But, unless Jonathan can be persuaded to retrace his steps; the three zones of the south will pay the price for his actions.  That is how dangerous the man has become.


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