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There’s way out of social media addiction

By Laju Arenyeka

What are our youths driving at, making the social media a second nature? From the lecture halls to the dinning rooms and in the churches, hands are permanently locked away on the keyboards of the iPad, Blackberry or mini laptops. Addiction has set in, taking over the better part of a normal life.

You know you are a social media addict when your fingers shake, your legs are pressed together from an enduring bladder, but you remain in front of your computer screen. You know you’re a social media addict when the ‘cling’ alert on your blackberry sounds, and your heart races as if you’re about to enter a million dollar deal.

You know you’re a social media addict when the smell of burning food awakens you from virtual wonderland more times than you can count; when you have no idea what’s going on in a business meeting because you’re distracted. Whatever your signature symptom is, there is a remedy:


Admit it: The first step on the road to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. Living in denial will help you sink deeper and deeper under internet water.

Take the first drastic step: Could you just deliberately refuse to charge the battery of your device for a few hours, delaying your internet payment for a week, or leaving your phone at home for a day? There could be sanity in those hours, really.

Get some help: Share your problem. This time around, not on the internet but physically with your neighbour, friend or loved one and let them keep you accountable.

Get a life: No offense here, but you just might need more to fill your day. Get a hobby, host a group of friends in your home or volunteer in a charity home.

Little peeks and clicks: If you deny yourself altogether, you might get a major breakdown after a while, so allow yourself little peeks and clicks preferably as a reward at every milestone of ‘abstinence’ because let’s face it, everyone needs a bit of  the social media.


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