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Controversy trails death of commercial sex worker in a Lagos brothel

By Uju Mbanusi
Controversy has begun to trail the death of  a commercial sex worker in a brothel on Empire Street, Mushin, Lagos, and the police are yet to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

The deceased simply identified as Ifeoma, a mother of eight, was reportedly found dead inside her apartment in one of the brothels, recently.

While some of her colleagues are of the opinion that she could have been poisoned by one of her male customers, others, are of the view that a ‘Judas’ among them, could have perpetrated the deed. Crime Guard gathered that the late Ifeoma who  was in her  early 40s, left Enugu State for Lagos, in search of greener pasture,   after the demise of her husband.

When Crime Guard visited the brothel, some of her colleagues kept sealed lips on the matter. But others who spoke on condition of anonymity said she left the brothel that fateful evening, for a junction where  she usually ‘hustled.’

One of her colleagues narrated thus: “  The last time we saw her was when she was going out in the evening. At midnight,  some neighbours informed us that she was seen throwing up at the junction where she ‘worked’.  From there,  she managed to stagger  back to the brothel. As she was staggering home, her colleagues who thought she was drunk   hailed her while others booed her.

On getting to the hotel, she went straight to  her room, without talking to anyone and locked herself inside. The next thing we heard was the sound of music. She later increased the volume and  we thought she could be having a good time . But when the noise persisted, we had to knock on her door to at least caution her to turn down the volume of her radio  because it is against the rule of the brothel”.

Apprehension as gathered, set in following silence from Ifeoma after several bangs on her door. Out of curiosity and  anger over Ifeoma’s  defiant attitude, her colleagues decided to forcefully  open the door.

“ We  called in some boys to come and break the door.  But to our shock, when it was forced open,  we found Ifeoma lying on the floor. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was confirmed dead. From there she was taken to the  Lagos Island General Hospital mortuary”,  a colleague said.

Continuing, she said, her death baffled all of us. We suspect she must have been poisoned. But the question is, who could have poisoned her and for what reason? If it was one of her male friends, what will the person achieve?  And if it is one of us, particularly those she fell apart with in the course of the job, what will the person achieve”? She asked.

But on further investigation, Crime Guard learnt that few months before her demise, Ifeoma was struck with  a mysterious ailment. On whether she was adequately treated remains a riddle to be unravelled.

Shock, disbelief greeted bereaved family

When news of Ifeoma’s death filtered into her family’s house back in Enugu, her aged mother was reportedly shattered.  But family members were reportedly greeted with shock on discovering their daughter’s profession. Worst hit, was her mother in whose custody are Ifeoma’s eight children.

Since she left the village, Ifeoma was said to have been sending money home on weekly basis for the upkeep of her children,with a promise that she would come for them when she was financially stable someday.


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