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2013: Year of mobile medicine


HAPPY New Year! Welcome to the year of medical technology.Considering the significant medical milestones of  the outgone year, pointers as to what to expect this year are quite definite, so it’s no surprise the brand new year is already being so accalimed.

In retrospect, the  medical world never  had it so good in mobile medical technology as was witnessed in 2012, for that was the year some of the most astounding and accomplished  advancements ever, in mobile medicine, mobile health technology and e-Health were recorded.

File photo: Surgery in LASUTH
File photo: Surgery in LASUTH

Today, smartphones are  minature miracles in medical diagnosis and treatment. With the growing number of medical and healthcare applications (apps) within reach, smartphones are providing  a big boost in care.

Year 2012 has just ended and with the brand new 2013 just a few hours old, Good Health Weekly has compiled a list of innovative medical and healthcare apps that could truly represent the future of mobile medicine.

In the coming weeks, these apps will be critically assessed in terms of benfits and advantages. These  are  apps that are expected to inspire developers and other healthcare providers to think outside the box when developing their own medical apps. Most of these apps, have been reviewed by iMedicalApps while others are in the process of being reviewed and have not been published yet. They are all downloadable free of charge online.

There are apps in different genres such as patient education, medical imaging, clinical reference, bedside mobile tools, etc. and others identified as “game” changers for the field.

All these only serve as insight into what 2013 holds in store If  you don’t yet own a smartphone,  you are strongly urged  to  procure one in order no to miss out. However, if you do own a iPhone, iPad,  Android or BlackBerry smartphone, get ready for the time of your life!


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