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Storm over Sanusi’s call for sack of workers

By Ebele Orakpo

Why is the CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi always in the eye of the storm? Always courting trouble?” asked Eze, a commuter in the CMS-bound commercial bus, as the controversy over the CBN Governor’s suggested solution to our national problems.

“I no understand the guy at all. Today, he will talk sense and the very next day, he will talk nonsense. Just blowing hot and cold. You can’t say this is exactly where he stands, whether for the masses or for the oppressors,” noted John.

“I beg to disagree with you Bros. The man means well for the nation. He has been consistent in his actions without caring whose ox is gored,” said Tonia.

“What has he said that is so terrible that they are calling for his head? They should be calling for the heads of all the thieving politicians and their cohorts,” stated Abe.

“Beg your pardon! He should be sacked. Is it fair in your heart of hearts for him to be calling for the sack of 50 per cent of the civil servants who are part of the suffering masses? I assure you, if they agree to heed his advice, the casualties will be mostly those who earn peanuts in the name of salary; those they pay N8,000 monthly, leaving those in the higher cadres where the bulk of our money goes,” said Eze.

“O boy, they don sack you? You speak as if the 50 per cent have been sacked already. Before we crucify the man, what value exactly are the civil servants adding to the nation? Let’s be truthful to ourselves, leave sentiments aside and call a spade a spade, not a farm implement,” admonished Abe.

“A friend told me how he lost a job in Norway because he could not produce his certificate as required. He was only able to submit his statement of result,” narrated Tonia.

“What happened? He lost his certificate?” asked John to which Tonia replied thus: “For where! He did not have one.”

“How come? Is he a fresh graduate?” asked John again.

“No, he graduated over seven years earlier and the school has not been able to produce their certificates,” replied Tonia.

“What? And what did they do?” asked Eze.

“What will they do? Just be patient, wait and watch and pray for God’s intervention,” answered Tonia.

“Wait and watch while your future is being destroyed by people paid with tax payers’ sweat who fail to do their job? It’s only in Nigeria that such a thing can happen. Those are your precious civil servants, receiving salaries every month for doing absolutely nothing! We are too docile as a people,” lamented Eze.

Continuing he said; “We have PhD in docility. Always resigning to fate and waiting for God to do something that He expects us to do. What sparked off the Arab spring? One man who dared to do something to stop the oppressors.”

“Exactly my point! So instead of calling for Sanusi’s head, we should  rise up and see how we can salvage this nation. He made a suggestion which we should look into. A nation that spends almost all its resources in paying the salaries of a few is dead if you ask me,” concluded Tonia.


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