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Oh for a thousand tongues…

By Debbie Olujobi

The cynics will tell you that the most beautiful one has been born, the greatest letter has been written, the nicest song has been sung. It is a jaded view that there is nothing new under the sun; the universe is in a constant state of evolution, recycling life in a gamut of forms.

I don’t necessarily agree with them as If that were truly to be the case; there wouldn’t be much reason to try, to strive, to want and to hope. Even the most jaded of us hope, in a tight situation, the atheist will even mutter a prayer, hope is like an elixir that keeps us going.

Man is a most predictable creature; reacting in much the same way to different situations, pressures and circumstances. We all feel pain, some more than others, for all of our successes  and strengths we can’t buy our way out of despair and the same rain that falls on the poor falls on the rich.

What doesn’t change is our ability to survive despair and destruction and 2012 doesn’t change that. It changed many things; mostly for the worse but it cant change the nature of hope, we can still afford that.

This year is fast ending and it has been a hard one for most of us in a lot of ways. Financially not many people broke new grounds, if anything it has been a difficult struggle to maintain our old grounds. The landscape of prosperity is a different one than we knew and levels have changed.

Mother Nature has also not been a friend to the earth and extreme weather has been a constant threat that has left destruction in its wake; no country has been immune. The floods in particular have taken a toll on all our lives, destroying habitation and desecrating the world’s food supply.

So many communities have been displaced and even destroyed. Some say it is the end of the world and at times it does feel like it. We all could write chapters of Lamentations and who could blame us? Surviving this year has been an achievement in itself and I have come up with a new saying. “Only the living can complain”.

Seriously “only the living can complain”… Life in whatever shape or form is in itself an achievement and even though survival in these trying times calls for creativity and sacrifice, we are still alive. I have never taken personal glory in my writing because the words normally take a direction that is contrary to my thought form and its only when I finish that I can see the story myself.

I decided a while back it was the Almighty putting me in my place, making sure that I know that I am but a tool in his hands. I don’t always get it right but I try to be true to my feelings and my convictions. My thoughts are measured and communicated in as polite a manner as I can manage.

I am told I would be a world class writer if I wasn’t so religious and I apologise to those I disappoint. I am thankful that writing for me is pure pleasure, I don’t make a living from it so I am not under any obligation to people please or pander to convictions not my own.

I do object to being classified as religious as I believe religion is one of the greatest evils that plague the world. So I am not religious, what I am is a creature totally sold on her maker, that’s a relationship, a most intimate and loving relationship.

I have pondered severally over my convictions and I concluded that Jesus is the love of my life; a constant friend, father and Lord. It is a conviction I hold most true, it is a relationship, not religion. It is not structured or protected by laws or regulation that promote personal agendas or aggrandisement. My only expectation is eternity, I have no interest in position or recognition, I certainly have no ambition to use my conviction as a gravy train..

So here we are again as I start my 10th year of writing and sharing. I had thought my 10 years were up last year but I started at the tale end of 2004 so I will officially be a decade 1st week of December 2013. I have been on the move across continents lately, so tiredness has been my excuse for missing a few weeks, I do apologise.

I am thankful to all the readers who have always shown me kindness and its a pleasant by product of the column that I have also made quite a few friends. I am thankful for being a part of the vanguard family and I take pride that we are mostly more substance than fluff.

Mostly I am thankful to The Lord of Hosts for His gifts that keep on giving, gifts of life, family, opportunities, friends and love. The year is fast ending and while we may not have all we want, we still have life. Given how many people have lost theirs, we really should be thankful for that.

I am personally taking one day at a time, thankful for every next breathe, knowing that except for grace I wouldn’t even have that. I’m thankful and I am reminded of a hymn “0h for a thousand tongues”. I am thankful for anything and everything and I constantly and jokingly remind myself, that only the living can complain..

On my 10th and maybe final anniversary at Vanguard, I wish you well, I pray that your consciousness evolves to a level of gratitude for all that the universe unfolds, that you come into an appreciation of your awesomeness in good and bad times and that for all that you were, all that you are and all you pray to be, you remain forever thankful…..


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