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Subscribers push NCC to sanction operators for poor network

By Franklin Alli
SUBCRIBERS of global system for mobile communication, weekend, enjoined the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, to sanction mobile network operators  who fails to improve on their services and lower their tariffs.

In a telephone survey of 758 phones users aged 18+, which was conducted by NOI/Gallup Poll, subscribers said NCC should mandate network operators to improve on their service or else sanction them.

The results which were based on Perception of Quality of Service (Best and Worst); and what measures to be taken to deter mobile network operators from rendering poor quality service, revealed that 45 percent of respondents  are using dual lines, while another 19 percent  use three lines in order to circumvent the network failure that usually cripples Nigeria’s networks.

The poll further revealed that most Nigerians would rather that the mobile network operators make concerted efforts to improve their service quality than the promo offers they make to their subscribers.

Of those respondents (26 percent) using only one line, the poll found out that MTN was the favourite with 89 percent being subscribers to the network, while Airtel (5 percent), Glo (4 percent) while Etisalat trailed behind with 2perecent.

However with regard to those who use dual lines, the favourite combinations are MTN/Etisalat 34 percent, MTN/Glo 31percent and MTN/Airtel 29 percent.

When it came to the issue of main line used by dual line owners, MTN led the pack with 78percent, Airtel followed at 9 percent, while Glo and Etisalat were tied at 6percent.

On the matter of ratings by subscribers, Etisalat emerged the clear leader with 31percent of its subscribers rating it “Very Good,” followed by Airtel 19 percent and Glo 17percent. MTN brought up the rear with only 11percent respondents rating it “Very Good.” And on the reverse side of the ratings question, MTN was rated Very Bad by 7 percent of its subscribers while Etisalat and Airtel were given a rather clean bill with none of their subscribers rating them Very Bad.

Similarly, when subscribers were asked if they were getting value from their main network provider, Etisalat subscribers were happiest with their network – at 76 percent, followed by Airtel at 62 percent and Glo at 55 percent. MTN subscribers expressed the least satisfaction (53percent).



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