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Now, the hospital comes to you in a box


IMAGINE a hospital that is big enough to change the world but small enough to fit in a box? This hospital doesn’t cost billions, on the contrary, it is quite affordable and requires no extensive staff training.

Better still, it takes up less room than comparable equipment, keeps digital records of patient examinations, easily and securely shares data with consultants and specialists and is lightweight and easy to transfer between examination rooms.

If you can imagine all these, then you already have an insight into the revolutionary healthcare aid called the “Hospital In A Box”.

An invention of New York-based Nigerian medical doctor, Steve Ayanruoh, “Hospital in a Box” is a portable  device that collects basic health data from potential hospital patients.

The device with US Patent No. 98765432 is changing the lives of patients and health professionals and brainchild of New York based Ruskat Medical Equipment Corporation.

Open up the device which looks strikingly like a simple briefcase and you find nine of the most up todate and essential life care medical equipment.

In there is a spirometer which measures lung health, and electrocardiogram, EKG, which measures heart activity, and a nebulizer which enables a  patient inhale medicine into the lungs.

Other contents include a Pulse-Oximetry used to measure oxygen levels in the blood and pulse; an Otoscope for examining the ears; a thermometer for measuring body temperature; a cuff to measure blood pressure; wireless to send patient data wirelessly and an AC/DC, power source/outlet.

Information from describes the handheld device as one that health care providers can quickly and easily utilise to perform comprehensive medical examinations at anytime of the day, anywhere in the world and transmit the results via wireless technology.

This  device makes it possible for relevant and crucial  patient information including multiple examinations results and their corresponding digitized images to be shared and compared with others elsewhere in order to properly and accurately evaluate the health of the patient. With “Hospital In A Box”, a patient almost needs not go to the hospital. Rather, the  hospital “goes” to the patient.


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