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Mitt Romney will win the elections – Queen Akasoba

Sometimes in 2011 I heard a voice stating that Mitt Romney would win the next American Presidential elections.

I was flabbergasted because in all honesty it is really reallydelightful having my brother Barrack Hussein Obama as the President and Commander in Chief in the United States of America.

As you may be aware, President Obama’s origins are from Obama (Bakana) Kingdom in Rivers State in the present day Rivers State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I highlighted this fact in the media.

Prior to the revelation, I had never met governor Mitt Romney; had never heard of him and had not even seen his photographs. I, therefore, had absolutely no idea who he was or what he looked like.

As I sat by my balcony watching the seagulls and flamingoes, I began to reminiscence on the phenomenon called Barrack Obama.

Did not God say that out of nowhere, I the Lord will raise the poor and the wretched to sit amongst Kings and Queens?

How a gentleman from Kalbariland, would stand for, and win democratic elections in far away United States of America and proceed to live in the White House for four years?

I recall how I travelled to the USA and intensely campaigned for Brother Barrack Obama. To my surprise there were far many more Caucasians than Blacks campaigning for him.

In addition,the thirty three City States of Ancient Kalabari Kingdom, when they learnt of the involvement of Queen Akasoba engaged in intensive prayers to the Almighty God to intervene and help a descendant of Kalabari, our brother Barrack Obama.Our prayers were answered and the rest is history.

I had also hoped that President Barrack will occupy in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for eight years constitutionally.

This was hope, different from practical reality. I had also hoped that Barrack would visit Obama Kingdom to say “Thank you” to his kith and kin who prayed for him and even took pains to literally drum up support for him.

I had hoped that the newly elected President Barrack Obama during his visit to Obama Kingdom would see how marginalized, deprived, segregated, and victimized his people are; and that further he would take a trip to “Obama secondary school ” which has been in existence for decades in Obama Kingdom of Kalabariland.

Whilst at the school he would have seen how dilapidated the school had become over the years and how bravely these poor students have battled against all odds just to be educated.

The students of Obama secondary school have to battle on a daily basis because most have no uniforms, no singlets, no shoes, no tables, no chairs, no books, no pens, no pencils, no food, no homes, no cars, no bicycles, they don’t even have access to clean drinking water!

President Barrack Obama would have taken a few minutes canoe ride across the river to discover the Obama Oil wells, in existence since time immemorial.

These oil wells are worth several billions of dollars, but due to the brazen exploitation by Oil companies, like Shell, the Citizens of Obama Kingdom and indeed the entire Kalabari and Ijaw lands have suffered unquantifiable deprivation, environmental degradation and untold hardships.

It is, however, said that the ‘Natives are simple’. In my considered opinion, simplicity is not stupidity neither is courtesy cowardice nor should long suffering be equated with the ecclesiastical acceptability of inevitability.

It is on record that the Citizens of the Niger Delta are the only group on earth who had to carry arms and fight for the right to be educated, the right to learn simple skills like carpentry, welding, baking, shoe making and the right to breathe clean fresh air!

We had hoped that Barrack Obama would have visited his suffering kith and kin and by that visit alone beam the searchlight on the unacceptable standard of living in the Creeks of the Niger Delta, one of the world’s largest producers of oil. Did brother Obama visit? No. Did he send an emissary? No?

Based on the foregoing, how could one have phrased a request or a plea to these trusting people to support Brother Barrack for another term? Cut a long story short, we believe that Brother Barrack Obama is a good man but political apathy has set in.

We may have a Brother in the White House for only a few more weeks.

To all intents and purposes President Barrack aint going back to the White House. We extend a hand of cautious friendship and welcome to Mitt Romney.

We also categorically

categorically say “Mitt Romney do take the right decision on the Niger Delta imbroglio”.

HRM QUEEN AKASOBA DUKE-ABIOLAmni, Queen Akasoba of Kalabari writes from Argentina.


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