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Help, Nigeria in trouble!

By Ebele Orakpo

What? We are finished security-wise. If these Boko Haramites can be bold enough to attack a military outfit, then there is no more hope for us mere mortals,” commented Moses as the newscaster finished talking about the Sunday morning bombing of a church in Jaji military cantonment, Kaduna State.

“But why would anyone be shocked at the news? Are you just realising that now? Welcome to 21st Century Nigeria! This is the reality on ground,” said Austin.

“Of course, they are becoming bolder by the day because nothing has happened to those caught. Their ultimate target is Aso Rock,” stated Tony.

“Hmm, the day they get into Aso Rock, then we will know that we are completely finished,” said Uche.

“Are you not completely finished already? As long as these people are being pampered and the President keeps telling us they cannot use force against them because they are his brothers and sisters, nothing will change,” said Tobi.

“So what exactly do you want the man to do? If you were in his shoes, what will you do?” asked Moses.

“Oh pleeeease! We’ve heard this over and over again. Is he not the chief security officer of the nation? What is he doing with all the power invested in him? Like someone rightly said, we use AK-47 rifle to chase mosquitoes. For Christ’s sake, use the power vested in you by the Constitution. Be bold and have the willpower to say enough is enough! Take charge!” cried Austin.

“The man is afraid for his life. As he rightly said, even Aso Rock has been infiltrated by these elements,” noted Tobi.

“So what! What has he done about it? These people are not spirits, they are flesh and blood, they have relatives, live in communities, have political, traditional and religious leaders, and so they are well known,” retorted Nike.

“He should speak the language they understand and that is Absolute, Deadly, Unapologetic Force. Look at what happened in the Middle East. Hamas killed three Israelis and Israelis killed 150 of them. I have never seen a country where the president does not have enough confidence in his security personnel.

This is the only country where Independence Day celebration had been done in low key simply because a small group of people threatened the government and people! I mean, it’s not done! Can you imagine this happening in any other country? It’s a big shame!

So those guys are greater and mightier than the entire nation and its military might?” asked Matt angrily. He continued: “That is why, up till tomorrow, no matter what anyone may say against Obasanjo, he was a fearless leader who knew what it means to be a leader. If he had not handled Odi the way he did, today the story would have been different.”

“So you support what he did? That was inhuman!” stated Tolu.

Replied Matt: “Yes, but drastic times call for drastic measures. So you feel the way they are handling the Boko Haram issue is the best?”

Said TJ: “What good will improved electricity supply, good roads, health care and agriculture do when there is no security? I must be sure that I can safely go out and sell my wares without fear of being killed. So security is of utmost importance. It is not out of place to spend so much on security. Can you imagine how much the US Government spent on making sure they silenced Usama Bin Laden and his cohorts?”


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